It may sound like I am preaching to you in this article, but there is so little we do to actually protect ourselves from harmful UV rays, and ensure that our health is a main priority during the summer months. The temperatures are rising, the days are longer, and with so much more focus on our health the fact that we probably don’t do enough when out and about is a growing concern for all. So I thought I would share with you some of the basics once more, in the hope it may prompt you to change some habits.

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Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen may be something that we are all aware of, but the truth is, we are less likely to apply it at home as we would perhaps on vacation. We can often think that the strength of the sun isn’t as apparent, but we couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter where you are in the world, if the sun is out and it feels warm, then UV rays could be harming your skin. This is why whether at home or away, you apply sunscreen when out on a summer’s day. Also avoid being out when the sun is at its strongest, normally around midday.

Ensure you protect your eyes

Sunglasses can often be seen as the accessory of choice for any summer outfit, but are they really protecting your eyes from harmful rays? Sunglasses need to be strong enough to protect our eyes from the sunlight, There are different colored lights that the sun creates, some do different things, and while the lights of the white and blue light can be good for us in some ways, does blue light damage eyes as well? This is when it can, so it is always worth having a decent pair of glasses on. A hat can also help shade your eyes from the sun.

Keep yourself hydrated

Water is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle, but it is more important than ever on hot days to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking plenty of water makes sure that your body temperature regulates as well as replacing lost fluids from your body due to perspiration.

Don’t overheat

It is hard to go about our daily routine when the sun is shining. But many of us still have jobs to do and places to be, but in these circumstances try and not overheat yourself. Keep water with you at all times, where looser fitted clothing with breathable materials, and ensure that you get some fresh air at times. Especially when working in a stuffy office.

Use it an opportunity for a lifestyle change

Finally, summer presents the perfect chance to give your lifestyle a little overhaul. It is easier than ever to indulge in fresh salads and vegetables, as well as lighter meals. Exercise becomes a possibility as well with the days being longer, enabling you to get out for a run or head to the gym. If you feel like you want to make some healthier changes to your lifestyle, then summer is always a great time to start.

I hope this helps you to protect yourself for the rest of this summer.

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