Although most weddings have a hint of personalization, they can all follow a very traditional tried and tested routine. There’s the venue, the service, the buttonholes, the cake, the reception and if you’re lucky, the conventional post-wedding barney between rival factions of a family! These trusty elements are what make a wedding. However, what if you want to break the mold and do something drastically different? Go for it. The whole idea of a wedding is to say ‘I do’ and commit yourself to your soulmate for as long as you live on the best day of your life. See the emphasis on your! This is your special day, and you are inviting your nearest and dearest to share in your nuptials.

Breaking away from tradition is not for the faint-hearted. We are not talking a minor tweaking of the traditional three-tier wedding cake and opting for, heaven forbid, cupcakes instead. We are talking full blown revolutionizing of a wedding day. Take a look at these ideas to inspire your wholly personalized wedding day.

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Before You’ve Even Walked Up The Aisle

In preparing for your special day, you need to decide who is going to be on the guest list and work out a way to ask them to your ceremony. You could send out some bespoke wedding invites complete with symbols, colors and a style relevant to you. You could choose to go a step further and invite your friends using paper airplanes in the park when you’re altogether for a picnic, post out tea towels with ‘save the date’ information on them or you could send out mini jigsaw puzzles, so your loved ones have to complete a puzzle to discover the details of your big day. By thinking outside the box, you can set the unique tone for your wedding before your guests have even had a chance to think about their outfits for the day.

The Venue

Forget the church, reject the register office and politely refuse the swanky hotel. You want a venue that encapsulates you as a couple. If you are into all things outdoorsy, why not consider a venue like the Eden Project for your interior biosphere nuptials. If you are a couple of movie buffs and shared your first kiss in the back row of the cinema, why not opt for a retro film themed ceremony in a 1930s picture house. The seating is already there, the venue oozes art deco grandeur, and the big screen can be the perfect platform from which to show your happy memories via a slideshow of sickeningly romantic couples pictures. Alternatively, if you are lovers of all things coastal, head down to the Bournemouth shores and get married on the sands of the Dorset coast.

Your ceremony is the most intimate part of your wedding day and will be your single most significant memory, so it’s important that you personalize this to the max. If you want to break with tradition, now is the time to do it.

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Everyone loves the wedding breakfast that signifies the start of your married life. While a three course sit down meal of traditional gourmet fayre might be some people’s idea of heaven or a buffet or hog roast might be perfect for many couples, you want to be a little different.

If you love a particular cuisine, use it as a theme for your wedding breakfast. If you went travelling for a year and spent the most joyous six months together in Japan, opt for sashimi, sushi and teppanyaki for your meal. If you are ardent vegetarians, there is nothing wrong with showing off the culinary flair and creativity of gastronomic vegetarian dishes at your sit down wedding breakfast. Go for the cuisine and style of eating you love. Whether it’s a Caribbean feast, seafood platters or Tex-Mex grub, opt for the food you will find most memorable.

As for your cake, the traditional three-tier no longer has to be some heavy fruit, rum-laden brick heavy beast. You could choose mini doughnuts, different flavored sponges or even go for retro-themed swiss rolls. The flavors that bakers across the country now are exquisite ranging from the irresistible red velvet to the delicate elderflower. Whatever sort of cake you want, you can have it.


While traditionally the groom, best man and father of the bride made speeches, times are changing. It’s not uncommon for brides to stand up and make their own speech on their wedding days. You may also want to express your thanks for finding your perfect partner, say thank you to your guests and hand out favors to your ushers and bridesmaids. Perhaps you fancy one large communal table rather than a top table and dozens of others housing your guests. This can prevent the headache of seating plans and lead to a more laid-back affair.

You can also play around with the order of your day. Just because it’s traditional to hold your speeches after your meal, you might want to do this as you distribute the mini Arctic Rolls to your guests. There’s no set program to follow and the timings of the day are up to you.

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While you might succumb to the allure of a live DJ or a band, this doesn’t mean you can’t add your own individual flair to your entertainment. If you love nothing more than a spot of heavy metal and your friends know you as headbangers with a penchant for a good guitar riff, why not install a temporary tattoo studio for your reception. While photo booths are all the rage at the moment, you may want to spend your cash on circus performers, trapeze artists and fire breathers instead. Forget the subtle string quartet and fill your wedding day up with your passions, loves and character.

Personalizing a wedding needn’t be difficult. While you may feel compelled to keep up with tradition, you don’t have to. People who attend your wedding want to see you have a perfect memorable day and will enjoy the food, entertainment and plans you have made. By organizing a personalized and unique wedding, you really will have the best day of your lives.

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