When you’re planning your wedding, it’s likely that you’re constantly thinking about the caterer, the photographer, or even whether the minister will show on time. More often than not, there isn’t much attention paid to the guests apart from their favours and the meals that they would like during your reception. However, without your guests, who would you have to share your special day with? People who don’t want to enjoy their special day with their friends and family often elope and then share the news with everyone. So, why not make your wedding day that little bit more guest orientated by including these ideas that you can do for them!

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Allow your guests to create memories for you

You will of course, have a wedding photographer on hand to capture loads of moments from your big day, but many of these photos are planned and more often than not, the most natural and random photos end up being the best ones. Leave disposable cameras around your reception hall so that your guests can take pictures as magical moments are happening. This might be when Grandad got up to dance, or even one of the children are doing something super cute. Those photos will mean just as much to you as your photographers photos.

Personalize your wedding invitations

When you receive a wedding invitation, you can tell that the bride and groom have simply come up with a nice verse and written your name at the top. You also know that every other guest has had the same invite too. Why not personalize your wedding invitations by putting heartfelt messages on each invitation? Paper themes offer a wide range of different styles that you can buy in bulk and personalize when you receive them. Want to go all out? You could hire a calligrapher to write your heartfelt messages to your guests!

Give them plenty of things to do

Weddings are all about celebrating the love of the bride and the groom. Throw in a few drinks and some dancing and that’s pretty much it. Why not take a different approach to your wedding and offer things for your guests to do? Here’s some ideas:

  • Leave address cards so that your guests can fill out their contact details. Perfect for compiling your first ever address book when you’re married!
  • Have a canvas with balloons full of paint and a set of darts. Have your guests throw the darts and create your very own piece of artwork from your wedding day!
  • Leave quiz cards on each table so that during the waiting periods, your guests can quiz each other on their general knowledge!
  • Have your guests write a note to you and the groom and put the notes in a mason jar so that on your first wedding anniversary, you can read all of the wonderful things your guests have to say.
  • Much alike the address cards, leave a calendar (a large one) out so that everyone can fill in their birthdays and anniversaries. It means you’ll never miss one again!
  • Place prediction cards around your reception hall for people to fill out. Enjoy reading them on the way to your honeymoon!
  • Have an instagram picture stand, where they can take plenty of photos to keep from your day. It might be an idea to create a hashtag for them to use when they upload them too!

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Give children an important role in your wedding

Weddings are long and can quickly become boring for children. This can become a nightmare for both you and the parents of the children. Why not give the children involved in your wedding an important role to keep them occupied? This could be something simple like making sure that chairs are tucked in and listening out for songs that you want to get on the dancefloor to. To make things really fun for them, create special t-shirts with their role on so that they feel super important.

Add some fun to your wedding day

Fun is always most definitely needed at weddings, so why put a limit on how much fun everyone can have? Consider playing games with your guests like the infamous shoe in the air game for the bride and groom, or even have trivia quizzes on all of your guests to keep everyone involved. Another idea would be to add prizes so that everyone is taking part and looking forward to seeing what their prize will be.

Reconsider the traditional wedding favors

Sweets are lovely, but pretty much everyone does that at their wedding, so why not be different from the rest? A nice idea is to buy favors for the men, and a different favor for the women. The men’s could be something funny and the women’s could be something sentimental. Decide accordingly to your guests to make their favors that little bit more personal.

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Give them a doggy bag

More often than not, weddings are spent drinking the free champagne and by the time the food comes out, you’re either enjoying the booze too much or no longer hungry. Offer doggy bags so that when people do leave to go home, they’ve got a quick and easy meal to look forward to. Plus, it will minimise any waste on your wedding day!

Let your guests get to know you more

Finally, while your guests obviously know you, it’s likely that there’s certain aspects of your life that only you and your hubby know about each other. Create something heartwarming to allow your guests to get to know you more. This could be a speech from both you and the groom about each other. Or, if you’re tired of speeches why not compile a video compilation of you both for people to watch and enjoy!

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