There’s always going to be some element of stress to moving house, it’s hard for there not to be when all of your cherished possessions are in boxes and on the back of a strange van. However there are things you can do to make the day run much more smoothly and allow you to get into your new home without tearing your hair out from stress! Here are some ideas.

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Moving home is a wonderful opportunity to start fresh, and so the last thing you want is to fill the place with useless rubbish that you don’t need or use. Use moving as a chance to properly declutter, pack only things you genuinely love or use regularly and get rid of the rest. You could bin things that are no good, donate those that are to charity or give things to friends. Start as early as possible when you know you’re moving, go through every drawer and cupboard carefully packing the things you want and getting rid of everything else. Things like attics, sheds and garages can take a long time to declutter so the more time you give yourself the better.

Rope in extra help

Moving house is a big job. You don’t realize quite how big of a job it is until moving day when you actually start loading things onto the van. Things like appliances, furniture and heavy boxes are all incredibly tiring to move, and when you’re trying to get it done without help it’s nothing short of exhausting. Extra help could come in the form of friends and family to help you move boxes, or even take care of pets and kids of moving day. It could involve hiring the best furniture removalist, or just a man with a van to come and pick up and dispose of junk and items you no longer need. The more hands on deck, the quicker and easier moving day will be, and you can avoid as much stress as possible.

Don’t forget the extra jobs

It’s the little jobs at the end which always take so much longer than you’d expect. When all of the items are out of the property, but it still doesn’t look empty or finished. Things like filling in holes where things were hung on walls. Taking down ceiling lights, and replacing them with original fittings if you had your own lighting wired in. Taking shelves off walls, and giving the place a final tidy. It’s easy to assume it’s an hour job, but in reality these things can take a full day. If you’re legally required to hand your keys back and have the property empty on a certain day then it’s worth bearing this in mind. You might need to move your stuff a day earlier (or move it into the van or into self storage if you can’t move into your next home immediately). To give you time to get everything in order, clean, empty and touch up things like paintwork.

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