Everyone gets excited when the warm weather starts to roll in, but let’s be honest – as soon as summer arrives, many of us start moaning about the baking heat. Outside can be OK, of course, and you can often find a nice spot under the shade, and the air is still fresh. But if our homes are naturally hot, it can cause a huge problem inside – especially on warm, muggy nights.

Without a doubt, one of the worst areas for heat problems is in the bedroom. You’re supposed to be able to relax there, and catch up on sleep, but when it’s hot outside and stuffy inside, you can pretty much guarantee an uncomfortable night’s sleep. The big question is – what can you do? In this guide, we are going to go through a few simple ideas that will help you get a better night’s sleep during the hot summer nights. Let’s begin with the basics.


Air con and HVAC

Air conditioning is a must-have when the weather gets a little on the warm side. The problem is that if you want to have your air con running efficiently without costing you a small fortune, you need to ensure regular maintenance. Find a good company that offers HVAC services and has an excellent reputation, and make sure you are getting your system checked every year at least. Not only will this help you feel cooler for less expenditure, but it’s also worth knowing that germs and nasty bugs can thrive in dirty air con units.

Create a draft

Not everyone has the luxury for air con, of course. So, if you live in a relatively safe area, why not try to create a draft in your bedroom? An open window on one side of the room and another open window – or a door – on the other should give you some fresh air. However, don’t try this technique if you live on a ground floor somewhere – you might just encourage burglars.


The reverse hot water bottle

We use hot water bottles in the winter, so why not flip the idea during the summer? Just fill it up an hour before bed and place it at the foot of your mattress. The result can be a lovely, crisp and cool sheet to place your feet as you drift off into the land of Nod.

Cold bathe your feet

Your feet and ankles have lots of pulse points in them – which means that they can affect your body’s temperature. Interestingly, you will find that giving your feet a cool bath before you go to bed will actually lower that temperature – and you should be able to find it easier to get to sleep.

Unplug everything

Finally, you would be surprised at how much heat electrical devices pump out – even when they are on standby. You might not notice by touching each device, but when you combine a TV with charging phones, tablets and a computer or two, it’s going to raise the temperature. Turn everything off properly and you will help your bedroom environment cool down considerably.

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