Mixed feelings is how most moms will describe the lead up to the summer. After all, it means no morning rush to get everyone up and feed them breakfast. It means no endless washing and ironing of school uniforms or helping with homework. However, it can also mean having to entertain bored and overheated kids for months on end, something that gets pretty tired after the first week or so. Luckily, there are some ways that you can avoid this and survive the summer vacation, read on to find out what they are.

Make a ‘bored jar’

You may have seen these on social media platform like Pinterest, and they are just genius. They consist of a glass jar or plastic beaker with a load of lolly sticks inside. On these sticks are suggestions of things for the kids to do when they get bored. The genius part is that they are activities that they can pretty much do on their own without additional parent supervision.

What this means is if the kids pick out a stick that says do some coloring, they can go to the place the books and pencils are kept and get them out and complete the task alone. Of course, it means that you have to provide the materials and resources for each task and ensure these are age appropriate and safe.

The real bonus of doing it this way is that it means you don’t have to hear ‘I’m bored’ or come up with thing son the spur of the moment, making it a great way to amuse the kids during those long hot summers.

Cater for the weather

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Next, for most people, the summer is a time of hot weather. Now, this is lovely when you get to walk out in it, sit on the beach, or even in your backyard. However, it’s not so much fun when it’s boiling all day, and there is no way to cool down. In fact, this is a sure fire way of creating some frustrated and unhappy kids.

With that in mind, it’s essential that you cater to the hot weather in the summer vacation. What this means is speaking to an air conditioner repair company before the vacation starts to ensure that all your units are firing on all cylinders. It also means getting hold of a paddling pool and stocking up on water guns and balloons.

After all, there is no better way to deal with a bored and overheated child than to get them to head outside for a water fight. You are killing two birds with one stone here!

Set them a challenge

Another way to ensure that you survive the summer while the kids are on vacation is to set them an ongoing project or challenge. What this is, depends on you, the kids, and what they enjoy.

For instance, you may ask them to create a show and tell display based around a specific topic like nature, the environment, or gardening. You could also ask them to create a booklet on a particular place or historical event. One that they have to research online, or even create a video of them producing a news report on an issue or topic, or as a film where they get to act, or an animation where they get to create and move the characters themselves.

The idea here is that it is a more extended project to work on and that gives them a go-to task whenever they are feeling bored. You can weave in the type of trip you make to the topic as well, such as visiting Colonial Williamsburg of they are studying the American Revolution, or going on regular hikes if the topic is nature or a particular type of environment.

Of course, such a task is also great for their study skills and learning to self-motivate. It also provides them with a challenge that will allow them to express themselves creatively, making it something well worth doing.

Organize trips out

Cabin fever is not fun, add bored kids on the mix, and it can be a nightmare, and that is why it is vital that you schedule in regular trips during the summer break. Of course, many people choose this time to go on vacation, overseas or in the US, but don’t stress if you can’t afford to go away for a full week, or you can’t get the time off work.

Hiking as a family is a great way to entertain the kids.


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In fact, you can have just as much success with day trips and the occasional overnighter, or long weekend, as long as they are chosen well. When you pick the trips that you want to go on it’s always a good idea to consult with the kids and get their opinions. I’m not saying you let them dictate where to go, but getting a feel of the things that they are interested in will ensure you find the right match.



Of course, theme parks are always a winner, especially the Disney ones, but do remember to include smaller trips out as well. Perhaps to local museums, and national parks.

Punctuate with parties

Lastly, a fabulous way of surviving the summer with the kids is to punctuate the vacation with get-togethers and parties. In fact, this can work exceptionally well as it gives everyone something to look forward to and work towards.

Then there are the other benefits that hosting regular get-togethers can bring. One is that it provides playmates for your kids, and it also gives them a reason to get creative.

Yes, that right you can use up a lot of time and effort getting the children to create the decorations for a party, a task that they will also enjoy. Of course, you can also use these events as a type of reward system, awarding addition fun items like a pinata, cake, and garden games for good behavior.  Something that can help give the kids that extra little push they need to be their best selves during the long hot summer break.

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