Homeowners understand how home improvements work. You build them and they either add value or comfort. In lots of cases, it’s both. Either way, the property owner is the big winner because they have increased their investment and live in a beautiful home. Nice!

The usual suspects always make the rounds. The number one draft pick is a conservatory. Who doesn’t love a quiet, warm place to chill out and relax? Next comes a pool, especially for the summer, and then there is a balcony.

For all the good they do, there are improvements which aren’t popular because they’re a tad strange. Still, they are as valuable. Continue reading for more examples.

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Solar panels

Some solar panels you can spot from out of space. There is no doubt that they are big, bulky and a little ugly. Sat on the top of the roof, it’s like the property is a spaceship and not a home. But, don’t let the aesthetics fool you because there is more to them than meets the eye. Visit Genuine Solar for more info, but the basics are they save you money in the medium to long-term. In fact, solar panels are money-makers because local authorities will pay for the energy you create. As a result, they are incredibly popular and add a significant chunk to the value of a home.

An Extension

It doesn’t matter what form it takes because an extension is ungainly. It juts out at an angle to the rest of the property and ruins the symmetry. Picasso fans may be impressed, but everyone else isn’t as taken aback. Or, they are but in a different way! The contrast is more when the extension is on the top floor. From a buyer’s point of view, it’s extra room in a time when space is at a premium. Consider cooking in a tiny kitchen compared to a spacious one – you’d pay good money for the latter. Anyone who doesn’t want to sell gets the benefit of added comfort.

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A Garage

What’s wrong with a garage? For the most part, there is nothing wrong with a place to store the car. In theory, it’s a safe and secure building which connects to the main property. In practice, garages are often run down and look fatigued. As a result, the house as a whole loses its curb appeal. Don’t worry though because garages add money and cut costs too. A car tucked up in an outhouse gets cheap insurance premiums.

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A Fence

Again, there is nothing wrong with a fence. In fact, it is a staple of most properties. However, the big, antisocial ones are a sign of intent. They tell neighbors that you don’t want anything to do with them whatsoever. Here’s the scoop: people love this because it safeguards their privacy. It means they can relax in the garden without being watched, and that raises the value of your home. Paneled and tall are the best features.

What other weird features does your house have that are popular?

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