Cleaning is a chore we must to do if we want a clean and healthy home. It isn’t just so our homes look nice for when guests come over. There’s a real health element to cleaning the space you live in. Young children are known to develop health problems that will carry on afflicting them well into their teenage years if we don’t clean the home. Dust is the enemy of all humankind, it’s a mixture of oils, dead skin, and bacteria. On the surface, it looks like it’s harmless, just a little annoying to clean as the particles go everywhere when you try to pick them up. However although not as harmful to us, stains are an even bigger problem when it comes to longevity. Dust can be picked up no matter what, but stains, if left if to dry can really damage your furniture, fittings and overall appeal inside your home. They’re also sneaky, they crop up in places you didn’t even know they could. They can even make you wonder whether or not they were the cause of your carelessness or somebody else’s.

Sneak suspicions

If you have children that eat in their bedrooms, and also if you do too, chances are you have food stains somewhere. One of the places that we don’t ever count on seeing stains is the back of the door. Have you ever brought a drink into your bedroom and then closed the door with the same hand because the other hand was full too? No doubt that you may have tried to shut the light off at the same time while closing the door, ending up in not being able to judge your momentum while holding the drink. Don’t underestimate liquid’s ability to magically jump, even just one drop or a couple is all it takes to slide down the door and create a nasty looking stain. Check your door right now for any stains that you might have.

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The patio windows

When summer is in full swing, children love to play outside in the garden. The home is full of hot air and they just want to put on some shorts and play a sport or with the dog in the garden. From time to time, they’ll race indoors and grab a cool drink out of the fridge or get themselves an ice cream. The patio windows take the beating with stains the kids mistakenly put on them. Their sticky fingers all over the window where the doorknob is, tend to leave hand prints. Because the sun is shining, these stains tend to dry and fasten themselves to the window over time. It’s annoying but you have to call in professionals sometimes like Time For Window Cleaning company. They use chamois and squeegee to lift the stains off and also collect all the dust particles at the same time. It’s a lifesaver and time saver as a full-time mom has lots of other things to worry about.

We always overlook the possibility that the back side of our door might just be filthier than the front. The front is technically where the action takes place but we often close doors with stuff already in our hand. Patio windows are always going to be messy when the kids are playing outside and inside at the same time.

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