Your bathroom might be the last place in which you redecorate, most likely because it’s seemingly less of an important consideration than your kitchen, living rooms and bedrooms. As long as the plumbing is working fine, you may never wish to invest deeply into crafting the perfect bathroom. If you’re living your life correctly, it’s likely the bathroom is the place you spend most of your day. However, it’s important to consider just how underrated this room of the house can be, and why trying to invest more into the little things that make the room comfortable to occupy can mean plenty for your health, and for the life of your home. Consider:


Your bathroom is the place in which you conduct all of your daily hygiene. What kind of message does it send to you, even subconsciously, if the room is damaged, dirty or simply poorly organized? While you may still become clean, there’s a feeling of abject contrast between how you hope to feel, and what the room is telling you. Of course, if you add up all the time you spend in your life grooming, trying to look your best, trying to feel your best and remain your most clean, you would be surprised as to how many hours and days this would total over the course of your lifetime. Would you want to spend that in poor surroundings, or in something you’re proud of? Somewhere you’re happy to spend twenty minutes each morning and night occupying? Read more about bathroom modelling if this seems like a rational idea to take, as it might just give you the motivation to treat your bathroom as well as you would hope to treat yourself when washing yourself for the new day.


It’s important to have privacy in the bathroom. It should be me time. Without adequate blinds on the bottom floor, thick frosted glass in an urban environment or even a strong long on the door, you’re never going to be fully relaxed as you take a shower or simply spend time in there shaving. A bathroom should mean complete and total privacy, not only for you and your family but for guests that visit the home. Raise the lock if you have children and do not wish for them to accidentally find themselves stuck of course, but in a general sense making this effort can help your morning or evening sessions feel much more comfortable.

Starting Your Day

Starting your day is important to do in the right way, as if you were breaking the billiard balls in the best way possible each morning. If your bathroom is unkempt, or unclean, you’re going to feel less confident in how you run your home. It’s going to affect you. Coming home and removing your makeup or simply freshening up at night before bed will also be affected if you haven’t managed to steward your bathroom correctly. The rooms in your house often influence you towards certain emotional directions. Make sure this is a good one.

With these priorities, you’ll be sure to effectively gauge the excellence of a well catered-for bathroom.

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