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The Secret Ecosystem Hiding in Your Rug: What’s Hiding in Your Rug?

Underneath a seemingly clean carpet lies an ecosystem filled with pestsgerms, and particles you definitely don’t want lying around in your home. But thanks to most rugs’ composition, you probably can’t see these infesting your home. Photo credits from: Lida Sahafzadeh ( No matter how much you clean your rug, you may just be scratching the … [Read more...]

Contest: Win Money for College

Limitless Learners Contest Win $500 for college plus $1000 for a school or library. When you love learning, there's no limit to what you can achieve! Apply to the Limitless Learners Contest to win money for college, plus a donation for your elementary school or local library.Apply nowPrize Six (6) students will be selected to win the following: $500 to contribute to future education … [Read more...]