The day that you tie the knot is one of the most important days of your life, and it’s one that you will remember forever. You’re making a lifelong commitment to the one that you love, and your friends and family members are all there to witness the union. You’ll be getting out those wedding photos to show your kids – and your grandkids when the time comes – and looking back on the day with extreme warmth.

However, adding your own personal touches to your wedding is important if you want it to reflect your relationship with your partner, and here are 5 ways to do it!

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#1: Send personalized invitations

One of the most exciting parts of any wedding is the planning stage, and finally being able to send out your invitations is a great feeling. If you want to make this personal, then why not create the invitations yourself, and personalize them to each individual guest? It’s a thoughtful way to make your wedding more personal, so get some gold foil at the ready, and try making your own invites.

#2: Pick a theme

Another thing that you can do is picking out a theme for your wedding, and this will depend upon what you and your partner love the most. Perhaps you want to make your wedding reflect your love for the beach, or maybe you want to go with a more traditional style. Whatever you decide to do, you could incorporate a theme into your big day, no matter how subtle it may actually be.

#3: Personalize your wedding vows

One way to make your wedding reflect the unique relationship between you and your partner is to personalize your vows. Think about what you want to promise your new wife or hubby for the future, and what commitments you’re willing to make to their happiness. If this is what means a lot to you, then why not incorporate your promises to each other? It will certainly make it more personal!

#4: Don’t follow suit

OK, so there are many pressures on you when you’re planning out your wedding. Sometimes, there are deeply entrenched traditions that define how your big day should pan out, and you can feel like you have to follow them all. However, you don’t have to follow suit, and you shouldn’t be worried about saying goodbye to traditions that don’t reflect what you and your partner want from your wedding.

#5: Leave a note box

If you want to add that personal element between you and your guests, then you could leave a note box out at the reception. Get people to write down their favorite part of the wedding, and a memory that they have shared with you both in the past. It will be great to read through all of these things when the day is over, and it means that you’ve shared something little with everybody who attended.
So, if you want to add some personal touches to your wedding, then try out these 5 things! Enjoy your big day, and do it your way.

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