It’s the best time of the year to change your decor. Autumn is upon us, and it gives all homes the opportunity to come back down to earth from the high of spring and summer. It’s essentially, the other half of the decor spectrum. Autumn gives you the challenge of making your home both warm and welcoming to nature while outside the days are getting shorter and colder. Rather than blaring neutrals, you should try and introduce more earth tone colors that are inherently warmer. However, you must also allow nature to have it’s placed in your home but do so in a creative way. Understand what kind of nature and symbols of wildlife would go best with this seasonal change first. Interior design is all about relevancy, your style has to be grounded in something that is meaningful.

The struggle of life

Many birds that you saw taking a bath and feeding out in your garden, sadly might not make it through the season. This is because there’s less food and there’s obviously a growing chill in the air. For that reason you should honor the struggle of life wildlife is going through right now. Buy a bronze bird sculpture that you can stand in the hallway. It can be something that you could pin up on a wall too. A lamp shade with autumn leaves, trees and birds is a brilliant piece to add to your home. The fabric should be in cotton so it can absorb some heat from the bulb and it should also be in orange or light burgundy tones. Squirrels are also an iconic animal that is seen right up until the last days of autumn, so adding a squirrel figurine to your living room or bedroom is a fine choice.

Still going strong

Autumn does start with the slow degradation of plants, flowers and trees. The cold winds and cloudy skies means the decline in good weather is going to play havoc with their health. However, you can still buy plants and use a led grow light bulb to have them continually grow in your house. This is a 100w bulb but you can also buy the same type of product in 300w, 600w and 1,000w too. It all depends on how large your plants or flowers are. This way you keep the natural green color and healthy nature still going strong in your home. There’s nothing quite like the power and style that real plants can bring to your interior. Even during autumn, you have ways to keep growing your favorite cacti, jungle leaves and polar star roses.

A warm stepping stone

What is an autumn rug? It’s not just a thicker rug that’s usually a mix of cotton and wool, it’s a blend of all the different colors of autumn. At the very least it must be in the classic sunset orange that bathes our parks and forests during this time of year as leaves slowly die and fall to the ground. 

A home that’s welcoming to autumn pays homage to the changing of the season and the nature that is fighting to carry on outside it. Start off with an autumn early bird sculpture.

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