Sometimes we can feel that when we’re on days out with the kids, we don’t look as good as the other parents. Style-wise, we might feel that because we’re in such a rush to get anywhere on time, we look like we’ve been dragged through a hedge backward. But when we want to exude a little bit of style, but without necessarily putting too much time into it, what are the keys?

Organization For Every Event

Preparation is vital in any situation. A lot of the stress of getting everybody together to head out the door on time means that you throw on anything that you find, but having a thoroughly well-organized closet could make life easier. You can grab things that are visible, without having to dig into the back of your closet. A custom closet can work wonders, and the article How to Make a Custom Closet Suit Your Sense of Style can provide a couple of handy hints. Preparation is crucial, and if you are one of those parents that is forever frantically dashing at the last minute, it’s time to start the night before, not just for the sake of your children, but for your style as well.

Pick Clothing That Flatters You

We’re all different, and when we have children, we might see our bodies go through a lot of changes. And this isn’t about having some sort of crash diet to get back to the way you were, it’s all about finding clothes that flatter your body type and accentuate the things that you really love about yourself. It can all depend on the size of your body, the shape you have, and never forget how fantastic we all look in jeans! Jeans can be a savior, especially when the temptation can be to put on our slacks to go out of the front door. Jeans can always bring an outfit together.

Accessorize Your Plain Outfits

Even if you throw on the nearest hoodie to go to your kids’ soccer meet, accessorizing can be the difference between a Plain Jane and a Fabby Gabi! Even the most basic T-shirts with some jeans can be dressed up and made to look fantastic if you have the right necklace, jackets, and earrings. It’s important to have a few staple pieces at hand, including belts and hairpieces. This can help dress you up in so many different ways of keeping your looks stylish, but never dull.

Choose The Right Haircut

The key may very well be to do with the fact that you don’t have the right haircut. Sure, you may think about low-maintenance dos but even the longer cuts can be thrown into a bun or ponytail. Just pick the right one that helps your lifestyle and it can make you look stylish, and this, in conjunction with a plethora of 5-minute hairdos can make all the difference between arriving on time and stylish or arriving late and looking below par!

We all want to be a stylish parent, but when time is of the essence it’s all about finding the right organizational hacks, style choices, and making sure it’s low-maintenance.

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