When you’re carrying out the balancing act of family life, work and your home, finding time for anything else, even things you know would benefit you, is next to impossible. If you’re a person of faith you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges is finding time to read your Bible.

You know that the wisdom, strength and guidance you’ll find between those pages is going to give you so much but finding the time to actually sit down? Now that’s a challenge.

In this short article we explore some smart ways of getting some of the Word into you life without feeling stressed out.

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If you’re someone who loves music, works out at the gym with earphones in and sings along in the car, then you can also be someone who listens to podcasts.

If you have a smartphone, you’ll be able to find a podcast app on your iPhone and the equivalent on your Android. Head to the Apple store, Stitcher or any number of podcast sites to find your Bible-based listen. Check out the 1 Year Daily Bible with Brian Hardin. Listen everyday and you’ll work your way through the entire Bible over the course of a year and all in bitesize chunks.

Online Study

If you need others to help you stay accountable to your pledge to read the Bible, find your support group online. You’ll find online bible study groups who meet at various times of the day and into the evening so find some time and meet some like minded friends to share the Word with.

Use An App

You know that you’re far more likely to check out your phone than you are to sit down with a book, so why not combine the two. Download an app that sends you verses straight to your locked screen. There’s no excuse not to read it and no reason why you can’t read your Bible on the train or waiting in the car for the children to finish school. A modern and convenient way to get your daily dose.


If you find it a challenge to sit and read a book, never mind the Bible then look for ways to make it more accessible. If you’re a creative person, pick up your pens and start drawing as you read. Let your thoughts guide you through some creative study that will help you better understand and apply what it is you’re reading about.

If you find poetry helps you express your thoughts, go down this route. Whatever helps you to feel connected to the words on the page.

In a hectic lifestyle there are still activities that we know will make us feel better, healthier people. Making room for some movement and exercise will give you a mental and physical boost, eating well and getting good quality sleep helps us feel refreshed and ready to tackle life’s challenges. Reading God’s Word will boost your spiritual defences and remind you of some of the most important truths you can ever know in the amazing, living, breathing Bible.

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