Did you know that exercise could also boost skin health? Give your skin extra TLC by practicing the following pre and post-exercise skincare habits.

You already know how good exercise is for your muscles, mobility, and overall health, which include your skin health. This means that you should ideally maintain your skincare habits when working out and after your workout session.

Spending a couple of extra minutes to care for your skin before and after working out is key to maintain glowing, clear, and healthy skin. Here are some tips to consider.

Remove Your Makeup Before Working Out

It is immensely crucial to get rid of makeup, excess sebum, and dirt on your face before exercising. The reason for this is due to the fact that makeup combined with sweat will significantly boost your risk of developing clogged pores, and in turn, acne.

Consider disposable cleansing face wipes capable of removing makeup in the event that it’s not possible for you to do a proper cleansing routine.

Apply Sunscreen Before Breaking Out a Sweat

If you are working out outdoors, make sure to apply sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection and SPF 30. But this also applies if you work out in a fitness center with windows that stream sunlight in. Basically, anytime you see light, even artificial ones, you are being exposed to a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, and studies have shown that all kinds of light have an effect on aging and skin damage.

Likewise, make sure your sunscreen is water resistant.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

When you exercise, your pores naturally open up because it releases perspiration. While this is very beneficial, it also makes your face an ideal environment for bacteria, oil, and dirt to enter your skin. So make sure to have a clean towel with you for wiping the sweat off your face.

And always wash your hands with antibacterial soap after working out and touching your face.

Hit The Showers After Working Out

Sweating establishes a damp and warm environment for bacteria to thrive. If you’re really pressed for time, rinse off with water at least to get rid of germ, oil, and sweat buildup. Change into fresh clothes whenever possible.

If Showering Isn’t Possible, Wash Your Face and Your Hands After Working Out

Before just packing up and heading out, wash your hands and face before leaving. Use a mild or gentle cleanser or even a facial wipe. If you have acne-prone skin, opt for a facial wipe infused with salicylic to clear up your pores after working out a sweat.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Sweating out is very beneficial since it helps flush out impurities and toxin buildup in the body. However, it can likewise get rid of the natural moisture and oils in your skin, which is crucial for healthy skin. With this in mind, make sure to hydrate your face right after cleaning your face with refreshing herbal face toners, light moisturizer or mist.

And don’t forget to drinks tons of water to ensure that your insides are properly hydrated as well.

Done right, a couple of minutes spent in the locker room doing skincare could make a huge difference in maintaining a breakout-free, hydrated, and healthy complexion.

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