I’ve had the Popeyes chicken sandwich, and it is good. I don’t think it’s worth all the hype, but it’s way more interesting than Chick-fil-a’s sandwich. My only critique of Popeyes is they lack the consistency in food quality and service that Chick-fil-a has mastered, and Popeyes usually comes with a side of drama. Have you seen the news lately? Yeah.

Anyway, I can’t eat any of it because of the sodium, so I decided to buy some chicken breasts from my local Dutch Market and try my hand at the Popeyes chicken sandwich. I used this recipe. The sandwich turned out pretty good. My family loved it, and my husband’s only critique was to use less meat next time. I cut the children’s chicken breast in half, but I didn’t cut his, and I forgot to flatten the meat as stated in the recipe. I’ve also seen some people use thigh meat. I might try thighs next time because dark meat is juicier. Regardless, the family loved it. Check it out.

I marinaded the chicken breasts in buttermilk and seasoning.
I prepared the flour, cornstarch and seasoning.
I let the frying oil heat up.
You know how chicken breasts are. I made sure not to overcook them.
I made the spicy mayonnaise.
I toasted the buns.
Happy kids. They loved it.
A close up.

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