Don’t get us wrong, here. We haven’t taken a peek through your windows and tutted at the mess and clutter on display. So, don’t take the title we have used for this article personally! However, if your home is untidy on a regular basis, and you are desperate to do something about the problem, then consider the reasons why your home might not be as clean and as tidy as you would like.

Are these the reasons why you (might) have an untidy home?

#1: You don’t throw anything away

When your home is bulging with stuff, you have two options. The first (as we will discuss in a moment) is to purchase more storage. The second, and perhaps more sensible option is to get rid of anything you don’t need. Throw items of little worth into your waste and recycling bins. And for anything else, donate them to charity, or make yourself some extra cash by selling them online. Of course, if you do opt for the latter, don’t then use that money to fill your house with more stuff! Use our decluttering tips,, if your tendency is to keep rather than get rid of anything you don’t really need.

#2: You don’t have enough storage

Are you forever stepping over your children’s toys on the living room carpet? Do you have cups, magazines, and other household objects littered around your home? Is your bedroom floor a makeshift laundry basket? If so, you need to add extra storage to accommodate those items making your rooms look untidy. Add shelving, purchase storage boxes, and prettify your home with storage furniture, including cabinets, storage sofas and beds, and any of the tables found here, You know what they say; a place for everything and everything in its place! With more storage, this will be possible for you.

#3: You have children

Children and mess go hand in hand. They bring their toys into the living room and ‘forget’ to put them away. They eat dinner in front of the television and then neglect to carry their dishes to the kitchen. They leave food, drink, and toy trails everywhere, and you, as the poor parent, are then forced to scurry along behind them tidying up the mess they leave in their wake. Are you relating to what we are saying? If so, you need to enforce some household rules, so your children make less mess. You should pin up reminders around the home. And you might want to follow these tips,, to make your life an easier one!


We haven’t covered every conceivable reason as to why your home might be untidy, but we have discussed some of the more common reasons for the problem. We hope our suggestions were helpful to you, but let us know what you think. And if you have any tidying tips for any of our readers, be sure to share your wisdom with us.

Take care, and thanks for reading!

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