Let us start this article by confirming that you are free to wear whatever you feel the most confident in. Thinking you need to wear designer brands or the most perfectly tailored or color-matched clothing is a quick way to feel completely neurotic about how you look. Your clothing is there to keep you warm of course, but also to help you feel like yourself, to express how you feel, and to pay respect to your own beauty.

But sometimes, especially as we begin to feel more mature, wearing the highest of fashion can sometimes feel a little… artificial. Sometimes we simply want to dress beautifully, but down to earth, in a natural, sustainable fashion, and in a manner that makes us feel the most healthy within our spirit.

For this reason, it can pay to know how to rejuvenate your wardrobe, so you can enjoy all the benefits as described here. Trust us when we say that a little effort goes a long way when it comes to self-care like this.

We hope that the following advice helps you:

Natural Jewelry

When we think of jewelry, we often think of heading to the local arranged jewelry and picking out a piece, or looking online in a retail store for something we can afford that still has taste. If purchasing for someone else, we might look for weeks, confused about how their taste might react. Jewellry is of course something only some people choose to wear, but those that do feel an intimate connection to it. A necklace, ring or other form of adornment can last for years, decades even. They even have more staying power than watches, which can last and have parts replaced for a generation.

However, aside from beautiful designs and interesting forms of craft, jewelry is somewhat artificial. Or does it need to be? There are many more down to earth and nature-loving options out there, those that might help cleanse your mind and spirit, and help you live and look more like the hippy you aspire to be. Crystal jewelry fits this. Crystal is known for a range of beautiful natural colors formed over thousands of years in pressured environments. It has been shaped by mother nature. It isn’t corporate. It displays a love for nature, and a comforting wish to show off your appreciate for that great designing power. Not only that, but you’ll look fantastic and unique.

Cultural Garments

It seems that many people are starting to consider the term ‘cultural appropriation’ to be absurd. If you love a culture and pay respect to it, you are only helping preserve the beauty of it. It might be that you wish to respectful wear kimonos in the summer weather, as they form fit to your body and can feel so breathable and freeing it beggars belief. You may find beauty in African ceremonial robes, or perhaps wish to become inspired by the latest Indian tailoring efforts for your wedding. Cultural garments can be beautiful, and if you pay the right respects to them, you might find clothing with much more elegance than that you find in a department store.

Of Your Own Making

Why not make something beautiful? When a garment has your fingerprints all over it, knitted or sewn from a patchwork of other items, you have something you can truly say is yours and only yours. It doesn’t have to be the most stunning piece ever. But learning to reuse materials, craft your own designs and simply enjoy the process can give you a new appreciation for the world of home fashion.

With these, dressing more naturally and down to earth is sure to help you feel both radiant and confident.

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