If you have a dog, then you will know how they can quickly become part of the family. If your dog is always nervous or barking at nothing, then this can indicate that they are suffering from anxiety or even stress.


Exercise can be a fantastic stress reliever for humans. It’s great for dogs as well. Exercise helps

them to stimulate serotonin, which is that feel-good chemical. It also helps them to get rid of any pent-up energy and tension that could make anxiety seem worse than it is. If you help them to burn off some energy in the day through fetching, hiking or even running then this can help them to reduce any separation anxiety and it can relieve a ton of nervous tension.



Sometimes certain situations can really affect your dog. Fireworks and even thunderstorms tend to be the main culprits. Distractions can work wonders here. Try and engage your dog’s brain to help them focus on the things that they know rather than the unknown that is scaring them. Reward them with treats when they are able to do a simple command and even play with them. This can help them to forget about the frightening, loud noises that are happening outside and it can slowly help them to realise that they are in fact safe with you when they are in the house.



Everyone loves a massage, and dogs are no different. A massage can help you to calm down an anxious dog. You need to try and use slow strokes to soothe their nerves. Circular movements are also great because it activates the cell function and it even triggers their central intelligence system. This encourages them to relax and it also helps them to lower muscle tension. At the end of the day, every dog is different, so you need to find a technique that works well for you and your pet. If this just doesn’t work for you then why not check out this CBD oil for dogs blog post?

Doggy Music

Believe it or not, there are tons of music tracks out there that are specifically designed for dogs. The songs play certain pitches and tones that dogs are able to recognise, and this can help them to relax and soothe themselves. This is ideal if your dog has separation anxiety and it is also great if they bark whenever you leave the house. It helps them to feel as though they are not alone, and it also helps to distract them as well. It is worth experimenting with different volumes when you play music for your dog. Some dogs will respond to louder music whereas other dogs will prefer quieter music. You might also want to try and leave treats around the house for them to find when you leave the house as well. This can distract them and show them that you leaving isn’t always a bad thing, and that they have plenty to do as well.

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