Modern lives are busy. We work, we’ve got children and other relatives to take care of. We spend time looking after and cleaning our homes, and most of us even have a side hustle and other commitments on top of these. Religion can be a great comfort when we’re stressed out and busy. It can bring us peace, and help us to focus. But, sometimes it can also feel like an added pressure.

We don’t always have time to go to church every week or attend other church events. We might not always feel like praying after a busy day or saying grace before a meal that we are hungry for. It can start to feel as though we’re too busy to fit religion in.


But, it’s essential that you do. Religion and our beliefs can bring us peace and happiness. Attending church can help you to build an invaluable support network. It can get you through the tough times. Even if you don’t actually attend church, making time to be spiritual, whether that’s religious spiritualism or something more personal to you, can help you to relax, and offer you great comfort. It can also help you to put things into perspective. You just have to make time for it in your busy life.

Don’t Put Pressure On Yourself

Church attendance isn’t compulsory. You don’t get kicked out of a religion if you don’t pray. You won’t get a warning if you fail to attend a church event. Nothing bad will happen. Your belief is the most important thing, and sometimes it’s ok to remind yourself that your beliefs won’t change if you don’t go to church because you are too busy one week. Don’t put pressure on yourself, take some time out when you are busy, and invite some friends from church out for a coffee instead if you want to keep up with the community. The church should bring you peace. It should never add to your stress.

Get Online

Many churches today have a fantastic online community. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God USA has an excellent website, and there are countless religious blogs, forums and chat rooms out there. If you need support, but don’t have time to leave the house, join in with an online religious community. You’ll probably find that a lot of people are in the same situation.

Pray in Your Way

Just like you don’t have to attend church to be close to God, you don’t have to pray on your knees at bedtime, or before eating a meal. Prayer is something that you can do your own way. You could pray through mediation, or take some time to think about God on the bus on your way to work. Fit prayer into your day in whatever way you can.

Feel the Presence of Your God

It can be hard to get used to the idea of feeling God away from a religious environment. But, if you look around you, you can see his influence at every turn. Take some time in your day to appreciate everything around you, and to feel God’s presence in it all.

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