If you are fit and healthy then you may think that you are invincible. You may feel as though nothing bad could ever happen to you and this is because you take such good care of yourself. It is important to know however that sometimes, things happen and if you don’t get it checked out then this can lead to more health complications later down the line.


Sure, you might have sensitive teeth and sometimes there isn’t much that you can do about this.  If a tooth is hurting on a frequent basis then this isn’t something that you should ignore. Painful toothache can be a sign that your tooth’s nerves are exposed. If you find the issue sooner rather than later then you may be able to sort it out with a simple filling. If you leave it untended then you may end up with a costly root canal treatment.  You may also be exposing yourself to infections and further health problems.



It really is not uncommon for you to have a bloated stomach after you have eaten a large meal. If you have a bloated stomach more often than not, then this could be worth getting checked out. It could signify a huge range of health conditions and it could even indicate an issue with your hormone levels. Your doctor may even recommend that you go for a CT scan as well. If you are concerned about this then you can look up how many CT scans cause cancer.


Chest Pain

It’s really far too easy to dismiss chest pain as being indigestion or even heartburn. Think about it though, how do you know when it is something more serious? There is a chance that you will never know. For this reason, you need to get it checked out. This is especially the case if you have severe pressure in your chest or even upper abdominal pain. If you do have symptoms of this then it could indicate that you are having a heart attack, so make sure that you seek medical attention just to make sure.

Weight Loss

You might look at unexpected weight loss as a bonus. If you have not been making an effort to shift some of the weight, then this could be a reason for concern. It may be that you have a stomach ulcer or you may even be malnourished. Any weight loss should be documented, and you may even want to chat with your doctor about this as well. When you do this, you can then feel confident knowing that you don’t have an underlying health condition.

Intense Headaches

Sometimes, you may get headaches and there is nothing that you can do about this. If you do experience headaches on a regular basis however then this can really be a sign that something is wrong. You may find that you have meningitis, that you have a burst blood vessel or even cardiac cephalgia. These all require medical attention so if you have doubts then you need to chat with your doctor.

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