If you’re reading this, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve recently become engaged – or may even be newly married. As a result, you and your new partner for life will be looking to move into a home together. For many, this could be the first time you’re living together, so it’s a pretty big step!

There are loads of things to navigate when you move in for the first time, but one of the most significant is decorating your new family home. It’s a chance to really stamp your feel on the place and create somewhere that both of you love. Who knows, this could be the home that you have children in and raise them for decades! So, here’s a little guide to help the two of you decorate your new home with as few arguments as possible:


Make Compromises

Simply put; you need to make compromises when decorating your new home. This is how you avoid so many arguments as it can be typical for the wife to take control. I know, that’s a pretty traditional stereotype, but the fact is that most guys act like they don’t care how the home looks, then get irritated by what’s bought! You just have to realize that you will have disagreements on certain things; it’s almost unavoidable.

How do you get around this? Well, like I said, you compromise with one another. So, if you’re split on what sofa to buy, then maybe one of you makes the final decision on this, then the other gets to make the decision on something else. It’s the fairest way of doing things as you both get to have your say and split the choices across the board.

Hopefully, you won’t need to make too many of these little compromises. You should agree on most of the general things, but there could be one or two small instances where you both want something different. Make these little compromises, and you’ll avoid having lots of arguments while you decorate!


Look For Discounts On Big Furniture Pieces

You’ll need to purchase a few big pieces when decorating your home. I’m talking about the bed, living room sofa, armchairs, dining table, and so on. These tend to be the most expensive elements of your family home, so it makes sense to look for discounts wherever possible. The good news is that things like sofas are regularly in sales so you can get reasonable offers for them. Companies like Sofamania tend to have sales throughout the year, and a lot of the reviews about Sofamania suggest they have a great variety of options to look through. This just shows that you can find furniture out there that’s affordable and seems good – so be on the lookout with your partner!

The same goes for beds – though it’s usually the mattress that’s the most expensive part! Make sure you shop around and try to get as much of a discount as possible. If you’re reading this in January, then most bed companies have sales on, so now is the best time to act! With things like dining tables, the costs usually depend on the size and quality of the table. So, you may have to make a slight compromise on the quality to save money. This could just mean buying a table that’s not 100% oak but looks like a good replica.

Why do you need to look for discounts at all? Well, it helps you save money when you’re moving into your new home. As such, you don’t begin life as a married couple with hardly any cash in your account! It should also prevent arguments where someone buys something costly, and the other person gets annoyed. Agree on a budget, then shop around to suit it!


Add A Personal Touch

The difference between this home and any other homes you’ve lived in is that it’s the first one where you and someone else own it and live together as a married couple. This is a huge thing, so you need to make the house feel personal to the pair of you. Again, this goes back to the point of making compromises; it can’t just feel personal to one of you or the other person might not feel at home.

There are a couple of things you can do when decorating your house to add a personal touch. First of all, there need to be wedding photos hung up on the walls! You don’t have to go overboard, but I find it really lovely if you hang a picture of the two of you in the living room or hallway – just as a reminder of your special day. By adding photo memories around the home, it starts to feel more like it belongs to you – and it can be a great way of getting rid of the ‘old owner feel.’ It’s common to move into a new home and feel like the old owners are still part of it. I know that sounds weird, but it’s a real thing!

Along with this, I think it really helps your relationship if you decorate your home to include little areas that are personal to each of you individually. This could be a spare room that one of you uses as an office or games room. It could be something small like a relaxing corner of the living room where you can sit and read your books. The whole aim is to create a little space where you can have some me time.

It’s ironic how many marriages start with arguments! Usually, this is because you move into a home and have to decorate it. There are so many things you can disagree on, which is why I’ve made this guide for you. It should help you decorate your new family home without many arguments – while also helping you create a place that you both love and feel comfortable in! As a consequence, you can start your marriage on the right foot without getting annoyed at each other.

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