You might have heard that little acts of kindness go a long way. It is important that you don’t only read the Bible, but also live by it. There are many ways you can practice faith every day and take your spirituality to the next level, finding a new purpose in helping others. No matter if you are educating kids, helping individuals overcome some of their greatest challenges, or find God, you will be a minister and your life will become your testament. Find out more below.

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Create a Blog

If you would like to help others find their own mission and purpose in life, you might want to start your blog that will show people your personal journey and ways of overcoming difficulties, making hard decisions, and letting go. Whether you have experience with widowhood or the loss of a child, you will be able to become an inspiration and guiding light for others who are trying to deal with loss and grief.

Teaching Acceptance

Being open to every person is something Jesus taught his disciples and followers. You will need to create an inclusive environment in your church and close community, and teach children to treat other people with respect. In today’s world and the pressure to make more money and be liked by others, it is important that we all look at the other person with an open mind and an attitude of acceptance. Look for the image of God in everyone you meet, and teach kids to do the same.

Building Communities

You can also become God’s servant by helping your community grow. You can be a coordinator and facilitator of support and sharing experiences, so you can strengthen the faith of members and keep them involved in the life of the church at the same time. Arrange programs for members to help them connect and support each other.

Family Support

Families are more vulnerable these days than any other time. They need all the support they can get to survive the challenges of modern life. If you would like to help as many people as possible, you could set up a regular meeting where people can get advice and emotional, spiritual support when they are dealing with difficult situations in life. Nobody has to go on the journey alone.

Everyday Help

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Sometimes the little things in life generate the most results. You will need to look for ways to help out the members of your congregation every day. If someone is dealing with an illness in the family and working full time, you can offer to take the kids out or look after the sick family member, so they can have some time for themselves to recharge their batteries and reconnect with their faith. You can look for other ideas on the Universal Church website.

To serve God, you will need to become the servant of the people. Find new ways every day to deliver the support they need to find their purpose and faith.

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