Pain is one of the body’s ways of alerting you that something is wrong. Sometimes, they stay for a long time though and if you have been suffering for weeks or even months, the pain will be affecting your quality of life. The cause of the pain is an important factor, and some of them will need medical intervention.  However, with pains in muscles, and joints, for instance, there are natural remedies that will help to relieve the severity of your suffering without surgery or taking any pills.


There are two main therapies concerned with pain relief. The first of them is physical therapy. This will teach you exercises, such as median nerve glides or radial nerve glides, that are designed to improve your strength and mobility and lessen the pain. The other type is known as occupational therapy and this will teach you how to manage a range of daily tasks without making your pain any worse.

Heat And Cold Treatments

These are tried and tested methods for muscle pain relief. Icepacks or perhaps a hot water bottle could help, but you should never put either of them straight on your skin. You should have something soft and thin between you and them to prevent damaging your skin in the process of relieving your pain.


Gentle Exercise

Exercise can also help to combat the anxiety you may be experiencing because of the pain. When you are active, the body releases chemicals that when they reach the brain, a feel-good factor emerges, and this will reduce any stress you are suffering from too.

Gentle exercise cannot only help relieve pain, but it can also help with the healing process of some injuries. With some conditions, such as arthritis, it becomes a vicious circle if you do not exercise the joints affected. They will ‘lock up’ which makes the pain worse. A gentle walk, swim or bike ride can help to prevent this from happening, and help you to feel less severe pain from the damaged joint.

Therapy Massages

There are some massages that are designed to be therapeutic and these can ease your suffering by relieving the tension in your muscles and joints.  Massages can also help to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with pain, and after you have had this done you could find that you are feeling much better than you did before.

It is best to use qualified people if you want a massage, as someone who does not know what they are doing. could cause more harm than good.

Music Therapy

This one may seem strange to some people but it seems that listening to music relaxes our mind and our body. It is said that classical music has proven to be very good at this, but there is no reason why you cannot listen to some of your favorite artists.  When your body relaxes and the tension disappears from your muscles and joints, the pain will be less severe and much more manageable.

If you have been suffering from pain for a long time and none of these natural remedies help, you should have a chat to your physician to see what they can recommend.

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