It is incredibly important for us to try and live out lives in the most loving and caring way that we can. Throughout the years of our lives we will come across countless hurdles and the way we deal with this hurdles is what defines us as people. When it comes to faith, there are so many different unique and wonderful ones in the world and they all have their own benefits and their own mantras. No matter what faith we practice though, there are a few things we can do in our every day life to develop our faith and be better people over all. Today we are going to take a look at some of the methods you can take to expand your faith this year.

1. Love

No matter whether you practice the Christian faith, the Jewish faith or Buddhism and beyond, there is one universal thing which we are taught is to show love. Love is the foundation of wonderful lives and it is something which we can show every single day to everyone we meet. Love can take many forms and even the smallest amount of love cna make an impact on someones day and make them feel valued. Remember to show and give love as much as you can this year to make people feel valued.

2. Joy

Joy is a concept which is so important for everyone in life and it is something which we can all benefit from in our day to day lives. Being able to see the good in things and see through to that silver lining can be a valuable trait and we will be happier and more content because of it. Happiness breed happiness and the more joy you can bring to the world around you, the happier everyone else will be around you.

3. Peace

There’s no goods reason to ever start an argument over nothing. So many of us go through life as a ball of stress and we take things out on the people who love and care for us, but this is never a good thing for us. It is super important for us to find a sense of peace in our every day lives and we can do this by meditating regularly and mediating others. Show the world how powerful peace and happiness can be and the world will follow you.

4. Patience

One of the best values we can learn in religion is the ability to be patient and understanding. No matter how much of a rush we are in during our lives it is important to know that other people have their own issues to deal with and this might take their attention away now and again. Remember to allow people extra time and don’t be angry if they take longer to complete a task than you do. Everyone is unique and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

5. Empathy

One of the biggest virtues we have when we practice religion is the ability to understand and show compassion to all people and living things. If you are looking to expand your ability to show compassion even more this year, you can think about learning other religions alongside your own. If you have never heard of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God or you haven’t read about Buddhism before, now could be a wonderful time to do this and see what other people practice and value in their lives. The more we open our mind the better we are.

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