It’s no secret that life is pretty expensive these days, and it of course depends on where you live since some places are more expensive than others, but the fact is that many people are struggling to find money left over at the end of the month to do things they enjoy – it can be simple things like a date night with their partner or a night out with friends – this isn’t talking so much about fancy vacations abroad or buying a new car, but the just the daily stuff that helps ease the stresses of life and work.

If you can currently identify with this situation and feel like all you ever do is work, pay bills, go to sleep, wake up, and repeat, then you’re not alone, but we’re going to share with you some ways that you can have fun even when money is tight.

Movie nights at home:

Everyone loves a movie night now and then, so if you’re not able to go out and spend loads of money out on the town, then why not invite your friends over for a girly movie night, make some snacks and even make things like cocktails if you want to make it more of an adult evening. If you’ve read any material from Substance Abuse Programs, you already know that alcohol is not a requirement to have fun – and nor should it be, so if you want to make mocktails or just stick to something like green tea, then you can totally have just as much fun with your friends.


Picnics are a great thing to do when money is tight, though you certainly don’t have to wait until money is tight to enjoy them. If you know there’s a nice park or green area close to where you live, then packing up some food, drinks, and even a book is a brilliant way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Even if there isn’t anywhere close by and you have a garden, then you could even choose to have your picnic there.

Nature walks and hikes:

Nature is brilliant for the soul, keeps you healthy since it usually involves walking, but it’s also completely free to us, so if you want to make the most of this beautiful thing we’ve been given as a gift, then you can find things like nature walks and hiking trails nearby that you can enjoy – this is also not something you need to wait for, and you should be enjoying all the time, but it certainly helps when money is tight, because it’s fun, free, and offers a new perspective.

Joining a class:

If you have a hobby or interest that you don’t practice much, then why not look for some classes in your local area? Things like cooking, crafts, yoga, or even languages are all things you can learn. Although they may not be completely free, they’re often very low cost and you’ll be getting a new skill and having fun without spending a fortune.

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