Ten steps of skincare routine daily might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but good skin is. So here’s a way to get Korean-like skin, minus the long process.

The whole world is going gaga over BTS and Black Pink that even parents are starting to be influenced by this new generation of K-pop Idols. But aside from K-pop an overall entertainment, Korea has always been known as a beauty hub. The country, which is not only known for providing plastic surgery but also giving the world natural as well as quality skincare products, continues its legacy. The infamous 10-step Korean skincare routine is followed by more and more people all over the world because of its effectiveness.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone has the patience (or luxury of time) to take care of their skin properly daily. Fortunately, simply buying the right skincare products online can help you pamper your skin without necessarily having to follow the 10-steps.


Imagine your skin as artwork. Stripping your face from the impurities, dirt, as well as makeup that you accumulated throughout the day in order to have a fresh, clean canvass for you to work at the next day is important. An oil cleanser removes make-up that you used for the day. Then washing your face with cleanser as well as water to further remove dirt is necessary. From time to time, deep cleansing in the form of exfoliation should also be done. The cleaner your face is, the better it is for your skin as your pores won’t clog.

Hydrate and Nourish

Products used to clean your face sometimes clean a little too much that even your skin’s natural oil and moisture is stripped off. In order to prevent your skin from drying or from producing excess oil (which will lead to oily looking skin), regular hydration and moisturizing are important. Thicker moisturizing creams will be required during cooler seasons as your skin is dryer during this time, and a light alternative will benefit your skin during summer when it is prone to oil as well as sweat.

The highlights of Korean skincare include the use of essence, ampoules, and face masks. The role of these three is to keep your skin moisturized while at the same time provide your skin the nourishment that it needs. You need not use all three days, especially if you live in a hot country like the Philippines. But making sure that your skin is well-nourished and hydrated is a must.


Koreans are a huge believer of eye creams. Yes, this is one of the reasons why they are able to preserve their youthful glow. Protecting important parts of the face like the eyes is at the core of Korean skincare. That, along with applying the right kind of sun protection in the morning, as well as creams to help rejuvenate your skin at night while you sleep, are very important.

Following the Korean 10-step skincare routine can give you great skin quality. But because every skin is different, understanding the logic behind the lengthy skincare routine can help you make your own regimen which fits your skin needs, time, as well as budget.

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