Looking to improve your interior design on a budget? One of the best things you can do is to get crafty and make your own decor items. You might think you have to be a real crafting expert to do this, but it’s simply not the case! With these five apps, you can learn plenty of simple craft and upcycling ideas to improve your home.

1. Recyclart 

Recyclart is an app that offers upcycling project ideas. If you’re looking to make some beautiful items for your home, Recyclart has all the great advice and tips you need. With this app, you can get creative with your recycling practices and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Upcycling is all about taking old objects and creating brand new things. Want to turn your old tin cans into beautiful flower pots? Fancy learning how to turn your old books into a shelf? With recyclart, you’ll find these ideas and a whole lot more!

2. Craftgawker

Craftgawker is an excellent application that provides some great tips on craft projects. On this application, you’ll find eco-friendly ideas and plenty of creative guides. Whether you’re looking to make decorative frames, cushion covers, or practice screen printing at home, the Craftgawker app has all the ideas you need. Attempting DIY creative projects can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. The app has projects for beginners, intermediate, and advanced crafters (so you can choose a level to suit you)!

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect place to get inspired for your home craft projects. Here you’ll find a wide range of gorgeous photos and how-to guides. There are many categories, from fashion to vintage and interior design. Pin the photos that inspire you and access them later. You can also get involved by uploading pictures of your own design projects. For interior design tips and inspiration, Pinterest is the best place to look!

4. Saatchi Art 

Want to improve your home with some beautiful artwork? Don’t have the skills to make it yourself? The Saatchi Art app allows you to browse artwork for sale, whether paintings, drawings, or sculptures. You can input your preferences in terms of price, size, and style. Once you’ve done so the app provides you with the best-personalized recommendations. Don’t forget to check out the virtual reality feature to see what the art piece looks like on your wall!

5. Artfully 

Another great place to browse for artwork, Artfully has hundreds of options to choose from. The app loves to showcase work from up and coming artists, so you can get some fantastic deals on some amazing new talent. Like Saatchi, this app has a VR feature. Before you start shopping for art, it’s worth thinking about which type of piece you are looking for. With such a huge range, it’s far easier to search using filters and preferences.
Once you’ve started to improve your crafting skills you’ll feel more confident creating beautiful items for your home.

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