You have probably heard of the saying ‘cleanliness is next to godliness.’

While many Christian preachers will refer to this saying when discussing the need for a pure mind and body, we can also relate it to a clean home too, because the cleaner your home is, the better your spiritual wellbeing will be. 

How so? Well, the spiritual benefits of a cleaner home include the following:

#1: You will have a positive mindset

When your home is cleaned and organized, you will have a tidier mind. With nothing to distract or frustrate you, you will then be more inclined to think happier thoughts instead of negative ones. So, you might be more grateful to God for your home and have more scope to experience feelings of gratitude about other aspects of your life. You will feel at peace too, and this will give you a greater opportunity to connect with your spiritual side. 

So, create a cleaning schedule for the week, as the cleaner your home is on a regular basis, you will have more opportunity to live with a positive mindset. 

#2: You will be able to focus on God

When praying and worshipping God, you might lose your focus if your home showed signs of uncleanliness. Be it an odor from an unwashed dinner plate, the sight of an object out of place, or the sound of a family member bumping into something that hadn’t been tidied away, you might quickly be distracted from your reflections and rejoicing if these things hadn’t been dealt with. If your home was clean and tidy, on the other hand, you would have a greater ability to focus on your prayers, your Bible, and the songs you sing when worshipping. 

So, before you start your daily reflections, look around you. If anything needs tidying, do so, as you will then have more room for God.

#3: You will become a godlier person

As we suggested, an unclean home can cause us to lose our focus from God, and it can cause us to feel negatively too. As a consequence, we might become less godly in the words we speak, and in the actions we take, and other people might notice this lack of godliness within us. Of course, none of us are perfect, and we all say and do things we regret, but by having a cleaner home, it might be that our words and actions could come from a place of grace and peace, and not from a place of stress and frustration.

So, remember this if you need an incentive to clean your home, as not only will you feel better about yourself if you can be a godlier person, but other people will have more opportunity to see God radiate through you too.

#4: You will sleep better

When we get a good night’s sleep, we can wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and at peace with ourselves and others. We will be ready to take on the day, and all that God has in store for us. And we will be ready to take on the challenges that might befall us. As David said in Psalm 3:5–6, “I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me. I will not be afraid of many thousands of people who have set themselves against me all around.” 

So, don’t leave your bedroom in a mess. Clean it regularly. And perhaps take on a few home improvements. Add extra shelving or create closet space with the aid of a professional. The linked firm will remind you that custom closet systems can help sell your home, but we need to tell you that they can do a lot for your spiritual wellbeing when you’re trying to create a calm environment for your sleep.

So, there you have it. If you didn’t believe in the power of a clean and tidy home before, you might do so now. For your spiritual wellbeing then, do what needs to be done in your home today.

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