Homeowners often try to do too many things to keep their homes in good shape. But did you know that just by tweaking little things, you can improve your quality of life while staying home? Smart and easy home hacks can save you time, energy, and even money. Since you may not want to spend your whole time in quarantine cleaning and organizing your home, learn a few home improvement hacks, and save resources for other household responsibilities. Apply the following hacks to save you time and enhance your quality of life at home. 

  1. Use coffee to unclog your drain

Once in a while, your kitchen sink may have gotten clogged and unable to drain water as usual. This may be caused by a build-up of debris like hair, which gets stuck inside the drainage pipes, and that experience alone can kill your appetite for food. But there is a quick fix for you to overcome this challenge without having to call your plumber. Fortunately, just by mixing coffee grounds with soap and hot water, you can unclog your drains. This chemical combination of soap, coffee grounds, and boiling water will break up the internal debris that’s preventing your drainage pipes from functioning. This hack can work in your bathroom, as well.

  1. Use essential oils as a furniture polish

Are you running out of furniture polish in your home? Think smart and use essential oils to get your furnishing job done, as they are great alternatives for freshening up furniture work. For example, you can use lemon essential oils to polish up dark wood and also clean stains. Jane Wilson of Fantastic Cleaners suggests that tea tree oil is a bug deterrent and can also be used as a furniture polish. However, since some essential oils are not healthy for consumption, don’t use them to polish food preparation surfaces. Therefore, it would be best to bring in professionals to polish surfaces in areas such as the kitchen. N-Hance Wood Refinishing can help you polish up your kitchen cabinets and renew their natural beauty.

  1. Build a garage floor dam

A garage improves the security of your vehicle. However, springtime water droplets and ice drops that form on your tires can also mess up your garage’s beauty. So, how do you keep droplets of water from damaging the items in your garage? Well, you need to build a garage floor dam around your vehicle using expanding foam. This waterproof material will stick out and keep water away from your essential tools. The good news is that you can drive your car over the expanding foam without damaging it. And when summer comes around the corner, all you’ll have to do is scrape it off.

  1. Use rechargeable batteries in your home

Battery technology is moving forward at breakneck speeds, and rechargeable batteries prove to be better than the conventional ones. Moreover, when traditional batteries are not properly disposed of, they can cause health hazards. Although the cost of rechargeable batteries may be more expensive than the traditional batteries, you may want to invest in the former as they can save you money over the long term. Rechargeable batteries will also reduce the amount of waste in your home. Furthermore, you can opt for reusable items such as aluminum water bottles and cloth shopping bags to reduce litter in your home.

  1. Eliminate drain odor

When you have a drain in your home that’s not regularly used, it may eventually dry out. Consequently, sewer gas from the septic tank can cause a nasty smell to overpower your drainage system. And if you don’t fight away this drain odor, you won’t enjoy your home. Thankfully, fixing drain odor isn’t rocket science. You only need to add a quart of fresh water and follow it up with one tablespoon of cooking oil. This will help eliminate the obnoxious smell.

  1. Reduce your water bill

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you may want to use your limited financial resources wisely by finding ways to cut down on some of your bills. Just by limiting the amount of water you use in the bathroom, you can lower your water bills. An overly full toilet tank could cost you a lot. Thankfully, by putting a brick or another sizable object into the tank, you will reduce the amount of water your tank uses by a few cups. Each flush will now save you some water and help lower your water bills.

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