Whenever you go see a doctor, be it in a clinic or a hospital, you expect some standard level of care that will ensure your wellbeing. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to misunderstand what it is that a doctor can really do for someone and if they really have your best interests in mind. In this post, we’re going to be taking a quick reality check and explaining if your doctor has your best interests in mind or not.

Your doctor probably doesn’t have your best interests in mind

Your doctor wants to see you healthy, but do keep in mind that your “best” interests are probably not something they can care about. Simply put, doctors have to deal with many different patients on a regular basis and they aren’t afforded the luxury of just focusing on a handful of patients unless you seek professional private healthcare. In those kinds of situations, your doctor probably will go the extra mile for you, but in every other case, your doctor will be treating you well–just not above other patients.

Your doctor has many different incentives

One of the primary reasons that your doctor became one in the first place is to help people. After all, if it was just money they were after, then they could’ve picked a different career path that would be significantly easier. However, don’t think for a second that money isn’t a motivator. Sure, your doctor does care about your health and wellbeing, but they also need that money to survive.

Below, we’ve included a brief infographic about benchmarking in healthcare and how your doctor will likely be incentivized to reach similar targets.

Infographic: USC

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