2020 has brought up a lot of ups and downs. It’s been a difficult year, bringing a lot of sorrow to many people.

But as ever, it’s important to see the light and make sure we learn lessons that make us become stronger. Family and community are two of the most important things in our lives, and this year has made many of us realize their importance. It’s also important to take time for yourself and the things you’re passionate about, one of which is your spirituality. 

Want to bring more spirituality in your daily life? Here’s how you can make more time for it.

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Wake up earlier and enjoy some time to yourself

Once your household is awake, the chaos sets in and the day truly begins. But what if you could get ahead of things and wake up earlier? Getting up just a little bit before everyone else will help you enjoy some time to yourself to pray and connect with your thoughts and feelings. Even if you’re not much of a morning person, you can train yourself to wake up on time and make the most of that extra time.

Get the family involved

Doing things for others is important. Community is important, and there’s a lot you can teach your children about volunteering and supporting their own spirituality. Why not encourage your kids to take part in outreach ministry? It will help build up their self-esteem as well as helping them feel work about what they’re doing to help others.

Have more conversations about your spirituality

Many of us choose to shy away from conversations about faith or spirituality, but why should that be the case? There are many ways you can discuss your spirituality with others, including online and with your family and friends. It doesn’t all have to be so serious either. Why not take a fun prayer quiz and discover what kind of pray-er are you? Your spirituality is a part of your everyday life, so don’t shy away from conversations about it.

Start a blog

If you have ideas to share or you simply want to document your own spiritual journey, why not start a blog? A blog can be a great place to channel your ideas, but it’s also a place you can be creative too. You can start a blog easily with free blogging websites and get ready to enjoy a new outlet to share and celebrate your spirituality? 

Your faith is unique and personal to you, but it’s important that you make time for it. It’s easy to bet caught up into thinking about everyone else, and never making time for yourself. By taking the time to focus on your spirituality, you can make way for one of your passions to shine through, and guide you through your everyday life.

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