My 2020 Black-owned favs!

Black Friday, November 27th, is swiftly approaching, and although it looks like there will not be the traditional, chaotic shopping that usually occurs after Thanksgiving, many businesses are bringing Black Friday deals online. I don’t support irresponsible consumerism, but I do enjoy a good sale. Why not find your deals from some great Black-owned businesses? So, here are my favorite products and Black-owned businesses, authors, and artists that you should definitely support this year.

Bask & Bloom Essentials

I discovered Bask & Bloom when I was looking for natural hair products for my daughter. She has thick 4b/4c hair, and it sucks up moisture. Bask & Bloom has a great cream, More Moisture, that we use almost every day. It leaves her hair soft, moisturized and manageable. We love it. We also use their Watermelon Seed Edge Pomade to lay down those baby hairs and the Curl Mousse when we want a nice roller set.

Angie Watts

I started using Angie Watts products after I visited the next Black-owned business you should patronize, Nubian Hueman in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. I purchased their Whipped Body Butter, and I fell in love. Now, I regularly buy their products. My favorites are the Angie’s East African Nilotica Shea Butter and the Deep Cleansing Oil. I buy the Nam Eczema & Extra Dry Skin Therapy butter for my daughter who has eczema around her neck and upper chest. It has reduced her rash considerably. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Nubian Hueman

I stumbled upon this gem in DMV area because my friend manages the store in Southeast D.C. Nubian Hueman is a whole vibe. I absolutely love the store. They only sell Black-owned products. They carry everything from clothing, hair and beauty products, books, music, and home décor. They even host an open mic in Washington, DC. This store is definitely a hidden treasure.

Mo’s Bows: Handcrafted Bow Ties

My son wearing his Mo’s Bow.

I first learned about Mo’s Bows from the T.V. show “Shark Tank.” The founder Moziah, nine years old at the time, started the business and made the bows himself. I was always fascinated with his skill and ingenuity, so when it came time for me to get married, I knew exactly where I would purchase my son’s bow tie. So far, I’ve purchased two bow ties from Mo’s Bows, and I couldn’t be happier. I almost wish my husband dressed up more so I could buy more bow ties. You should definitely check them out.

AfroGoddess Temple Etsy Shop

I found this Black-owned Etsy shop because I wanted some beautiful waist beads to encourage me in my weight loss journey. I also thought it would be a cute way to track my progress, not to mention sexy. I purchased waist beads from the AfroGoddess Temple and I couldn’t be happier. I received my beads in the mail quickly, and the owner even emailed me words of encouragement when she heard about my weight loss journey. She has a variety of beautiful, high-quality designs.


I went to high school with the founder of Choiselle. I learned about her business through social media. When I read all of the great reviews about her bath and body oils, I decided to buy some. My first purchase was the Lemongrass Bath and Body Oil, and I love it. It smells divine and it is light. The oil keeps your moisturized and even wards off mosquitos. Choiselle has other great natural products including candles for you to purchase.

Savage Fenty

One of my favorite models, Tabria Majors, in Savage Fenty.

So, I know Rhianna doesn’t need me to promote her products, HOWEVER!!! I absolutely LOVE Savage Fenty. I saw the fashion show. I have Fenty Beauty, so I decided to try Savage Fenty. Let me tell you. My husband attacked me two days in a row (attacked in good way). I like Savage Fenty because their bra sizes go all the way up to “G.” The bras fit me perfectly and are sexy. Their panties are sexy as well and include plus sizes. I feel sorry for Victoria Secret because Rhianna is going to shut them down. One of my pet peeves with Victoria Secret is they don’t make bras for big-breasted women. Welp, it’s a new day, and Savage Fenty is the way to go.

Here are a couple of books by Black authors you should purchase:

Love is the Way by Bishop Michael Curry

Parable of the Brown Girl: The Sacred Lives of Girls of Color by Khristi Lauren Adams

Here are a few Black artists that I’ve purchased art from this year whom I love:

Painting by South Carolinian artist Ment Nelson

Ment Nelson

That One Bria

Preudhomme Art & Design

These are just some of my Black-owned favs from 2020. Please share yours in the comments. Happy shopping!

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