As social isolation becomes a new normal, we’re all facing up to realizations that we didn’t see coming. For most, these have arrived in the awareness that maybe we aren’t as gifted as we thought when it comes to self-care. Perhaps more pressingly, however, some of us have come to realize that our homes aren’t quite the sanctuaries we imagined them to be. 

This is, after all, the longest many of us have stayed at home for extended periods, revealing otherwise overlooked issues. It’s a problem considering that, now, those four walls are the only things you get to look at. Luckily, it’s simpler than you think to create the self-isolation sanctuary you’re after. In fact, we’re going to look at the three key things you can do to make it happen. 

Think about securing the space

An insecure space will never feel like a sanctuary, especially now. Most notably, in this sense, you’ll want to secure your space from outside sources, including friends, family, and neighbors. While it may seem strange limiting guests in this way, it’s the best chance you have of feeling that your space is 100% germ-free. On a more generalized note, now is also the ideal time to think about home alarm systems for protection from even ongoing risks. That way, you can rest easy no one will get past your boundaries without your say-so. And, that level of security matters a great deal to your peace of mind and home happiness. 

Do you need to redecorate?

As countless homeowners are realizing, now is also a prime time for redecoration. After all, when we sit with it all day, decor can start to niggle. It might be that the colors are too bright, or that the tone of white is too stark. Either way, this can prevent you from feeling harmonious. Luckily, some DIY stores are still operating, and there’s nothing to stop you from ordering supplies online. As well as filling your time, this can see you with a quieter, more suitable space for the rest of your time distancing. 

Find ways to be alone

It’s also vital to note that it can be surprisingly challenging to find ways to be alone at the moment. This is unsurprising considering that, in most instances, we’re now spending more time confined with our loved ones than we ever have. That can be excellent for bonding, but we all need downtime during this challenging period. As such, creating private spaces is crucial. It could be that you finally get your yard in order and use this as an escape, or even just that you get into the habit of locking the bathroom door and taking long soaks. Be mindful, too, of other people’s need for alone-time, and make sure that you’re doing what you can to accommodate them. 

Your social distancing sanctuary is within easier reach than you think. Simply take care of these pointers, and the chances are that you’ll instantly be able to breathe easier.

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