Exercising on a regular basis had a wide range of benefits including social health, emotional and physical. However exercising involves more than just jumping up and getting on with it, it’s important to make sure you are exercising safely in order to keep injury-free and healthy. If it’s painless and safe you’re definitely much more likely to stick to it. Keeping safe is down to understanding your body, knowing the basic techniques, and using common sense. 

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If you’re embarking on a physical exercise program and haven’t exercised in a long time, are over-weight, have health concerns like undergoing neuropathy treatment it’s a good idea for you to consult your doctor beforehand. They will be able to offer you advice on keeping safe and your limits. 

Have a look below at some of the tips you should be following to stay safe and injury-free: 

  • Be Aware Of Your Body – You need need to ultimately think about your own body when it comes to exercise, no two people are the same and that means no exercise routine is going to be one size fits all. Think about your limitations and also your strengths. You can then plan your routine around this or your type of exercise. 
  • Warm Up And Down- This should be the number one rule when exercising, try some stretches and get yourself warm before starting, once finished makes sure you cool down and stretch again. 
  • Set A Pace – You need time to recover so don’t force yourself to exercise every single day, rest is just as important, especially if you are experiencing any pain. 
  • Add Variety – You are much more likely to commit to an exercise routine if you mix it up a little. 
  • Support Injuries- If you have any injuries and you are trying to recover with the help of exercise, make sure you are strapping and wrapping these to protect them. 
  • Hydration- For every hour of exercise you lose around one and a half liters of water from your body, this needs to be replaced. You should drink water before, during, and after any exercise you complete. 
  • Watch Out For The Weather – This is more than avoiding a huge downpour. You actually have to be more aware of the sun. Hot weather causes people to tire quickly and need more water, you also need to make sure you wear protective clothing and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. If you’re exercising you are more likely to catch the rays. 
  • Do It Right- This might sound simple, but it is essential for you to learn the right techniques to help avoid injury. 
  • The Right Equipment – It’s definitely advised to have the right equipment for the exercise you re completing, You also need to make sure it’s in good working order. 
  • Be Sensible– This one is definitely common sense. Make sure you’re not exercising in secluded areas, in the dark, stick to well-lit areas and make sure you use reflective clothing. 

These are just a few of the top tips for helping you to stay safe when exercising, do you have anything else that could be added to the list? Please share them in the comments below.

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