If you are the owner of a garage, then the chances are that you use it to store some excess items. It can be handy to store things out there that aren’t needed at home. However, there can definitely be an ‘out of sight and out of mind’ mentality that goes along with it. The clutter can quickly add up, and there may not be room for the things that you do really need to store. As a result, now can be a good time to clear out, clean, declutter, and organize your garage, so that you remember what is out there, and you can start afresh. Here are some decluttering and organizing tips to help.


Things will look worse before they start to look better, so it is a good idea to take all of the things that are currently in your garage, out of your garage. It can be a good idea to make piles of things that you will keep, a pile of things that you will donate, and a pile of things that aren’t working or in condition, so will throw out. Then you can check what you have, if things are working, and if you really need them anymore. It will give you a blank canvas to work with, for starting to put things back in the garage.

You should also check some of the things that you are storing in there. For example, if you have found a can of gasoline in the garage in a canister, you need to ask, can you store gasoline in your garage? You want to make sure that the garage is clean and organised, but also a safe place to be.


Now that everything is out of the garage, and you know what you want to keep hold of, it is a good time to give it a clean, before things start to go back in. A pressure washer can be helpful to use, especially if you store your vehicle in there. Using disinfectants can also help, and give the place a good dust and a good sweep. Cleaning some of the items that you want to keep storing is a must too; they could have easily gathered dust and cobwebs. 


The next thing to turn your attention to is to the pile of things that you want to keep. There may be some things that are obvious where they will go back to. But for some others, it could be a good idea to think about what needs to go where, and how to better organize it. For example, any items for Christmas could be stored differently, and tools could be arranged on shelving or pinboards, for example. If you need to get extra things to store with, then now is the time to think about what to get. 

From there, you can donate the items that you want to donate or sell, and get rid of the unwanted things. Your garage will be looking like new before you know it.

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