As mothers, we often put others before ourselves. This is our way; often it is necessary. Our children need us to be selfless, and our communities need us to work hard for them. In an increasingly selfish word, it is highly important that family and community values are upheld. The mother is the center of the family, she keeps every person feeling whole, and this is vital. Nevertheless, as women, we sometimes forget that our own wellbeing, our own feelings of wholeness, are also vital. In this blog you will find helpful guidance on how to take care of yourself as a mother, while also giving to your family and community. 

Five Minutes Per Day

If your schedule is so full with school, work, cooking, community work and more, it might feel physically impossible to find a moment to yourself. Especially when your children are young, they need your attention all the time and it’s very hard to take moments alone. However, one mantra which has proved very helpful for mothers everywhere is: take five minutes per day, just for yourself. This might be as soon as you wake up, right before you go to sleep, or in the middle of the day. What you do with these five minutes is up to you! You could stretch, rest your eyes, pray, meditate, eat, drink or shower. If it feels impossible to find moments for yourself, make sure you set the boundary of at least five minutes which are just for you. 

If You Take Care Of Yourself, Others Benefit Too

Sometimes, mothers feel selfish taking moments for themselves because they feel guilty about putting themselves over their children or their community. However, burning out serves nobody – not yourself, and certainly not everybody else. Taking more time to gently nurture yourself with food, sleep, movement, prayer, and relaxation will benefit everybody in your life, not just you. You will be more refreshed, happy, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. That is the gift of caring for yourself. 

In addition, it is vital to take care of your physical and mental health. Regular doctor’s visits and dental checkups, healthy food, checking in with your feelings and other ways of caring for yourself are highly important, even if you are trying to take care of others too.

Allowing Help When It Is Needed

As mothers, we sometimes feel too proud to let others take some of our weight. Our society can be judgemental, and this means that we become self conscious when we can’t cope with every single responsibility in our lives. Nevertheless, if you need help, it is so important to ask for it. There is no shame in needing support from those around you, just as you support others who need you in your community. Treat yourself like you would treat a friend; gently, supportively, and constructively. Let people in, and you will find yourself coping much better with the strains that come with busy motherhood. 

To conclude, motherhood is the most wonderful gift, but this does not mean we do not struggle. It is important to take care of yourself and lift up those around you too.

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