Have you ever heard the saying, tidy home, tidy mind? There is a strong connection between the way that we feel and the condition of our living environment. If you live in a home full of clutter and in need of a good tidy, the chances are that it affects your wellbeing and causes you plenty of other issues.

A person’s living environment has a strong influence on their mood and can also impact on health. Having a home that is unclean and filled with clutter can leave you feeling anxious and stressed as you may feel like the mess around you is a constant reminder of all the things that you need to sort out. The problem with clutter is that it can affect your physical health in many ways. If you have stuff all over the floor, you are at risk of tripping over it and injuring yourself. Clutter also attracts dust, so if you are prone to allergies, the clutter in your home could aggravate the problem. You may also find that a whole host of creepy crawlies decide to take up residence in your home as the mess provides the perfect hiding spot for them – yuck! To prevent your home from harming your’s and your family’s health and wellbeing, it needs to be kept clean and tidy. If you have been struggling to keep on top of keeping the house tidy, these suggestions should help you to get back on track:

Have a Clear Out

Before you can get your home looking tidy, you will need to remove items that you no longer need or rarely use so that you can make some space. Sorting through your stuff allows you to take a first, positive step towards tackling the problem. Items that you no longer want or need could benefit someone else, so why not pass them on to someone that needs them. 

For the items that you want to keep, you need to find places to keep them without leaving them lying around. Safely storing them in an affordable self-storage unit is ideal for keeping hold of these items without them cluttering up your home.

A Home for Everything

After the effort of tidying your home, you certainly don’t want it to get cluttered up again. So, it is vital that everything has a place to live. Whether it is a cupboard, a shelf, or a chest when everything has a home, it is so much easier to keep everything neat and tidy.

Getting into the habit of putting things away once you use them and tidying up at the end of each day is essential to keeping your home tidy and looking at its best.
It is important to remember that keeping the house looking tidy can’t be left to you. A family home needs the effort of the whole family to keep it tidy. Getting everyone to help with tidying their things away each day should help kids to get into this habit.

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