Creating an open-plan space in your home can be something that can really transform your home. We all want the ability to have freedom in our own spaces, and sometimes a property’s layout can be quite restrictive. If you’re looking at creating a more open-plan feel to your home, here are some helpful tips to help create it. 

Find Alternative Options To Solid Walls

Solid walls are something you want to remove when it comes to creating an open-plan space, but there are plenty of other things that you can do to replace those walls with something that can be moved. Sometimes, an open-plan space might not always be appropriate, and therefore you want some form of an option to create zones in your home. One way you might want to do this is by knocking through an external wall and replacing it with aluminium bifold doors. Not only does this do something different from an area where a wall would be, but it gives the space a more open feel when you can see the rest of the world outside. You might also want to have some moveable screens that you can use to cordon off spaces. There are lots of different things that you can do, so start experimenting and looking around at the options available to you.

Focus On The Living And Dining Areas

The best places to create an open-plan space is the living and dining areas. Not everyone likes to have an open space, but when it comes to two communal areas like this, it can be a perfect way of creating a more sociable space, especially if these rooms are limited in size. Any walls need to get knocked down where possible and if it isn’t, then look at how you can make that wall, less of a solid and obstructive feature. Perhaps you could fit glass within the wall so that the foundation that the wall provides is still there but in a different way.

Think About Your Lighting

Lighting can definitely influence a space and can often make it seem bigger than it actually is. Try to incorporate as much natural light as you can when it comes to your room, and the more you can expose the natural daylight the better. If your home isn’t somewhere that gets a lot of light, then you might want to think about finding lighting that mimics daylight instead. With technology and design nowadays, anything is possible.

Play Around With Furniture Arrangments

Furniture can create zones in open-plan spaces and make it less like a big empty space, particularly when you might only have so much furniture to work with. We end up putting furniture in rooms and into specific places, but it’s worth rearranging that furniture to see where it might fit elsewhere. It’s something that’s free to do and could actually benefit your space a lot more than you think. 

An open-plan space is very popular at the moment, so see if it’s possible for your home.

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