Getting married with children in tow? Have them join in on the celebration. Below, we counted down a few ways to include them in your wedding ceremony.

Couples today are waiting longer before getting married. As a result, some already have kids when they tie the knot. Of course, there are also couples who get remarried. In 2013, the Pew Research Center discovered that remarriage is on the rise at 23 percent compared to just 13 percent in 1960. This means that some couples tie the knot with kids from a previous marriage.

Whether you have kids with your spouse-to-be or you’re about to form a blended family, you might want to include the children in your wedding ceremony. If you’re wondering how, we have a few ideas below.

1. Have them as your flower girl or ring bearer

The easiest way to include your kids in your big day is by making them a part of the bridal party. There are different roles for children of all ages in the bridal party. Young children ages four through ten can be the ring bearer, flower girls, and train bearers who carry the bride’s train as she walks down the aisle. Meanwhile, teenage kids can be among the bridesmaids or groomsmen.

2. Let them walk you down the aisle

At traditional weddings, the bride’s parent walks her down the aisle. In more modern ceremonies, the bride sometimes traverses the aisle on her own. But if you want to add personal touches to your wedding ceremony, your kids can walk you to the altar instead. This makes your procession even more meaningful, having your child or children lead you to the person who’ll complete your family. If you do so, experienced wedding videographers like can make this portion one of the highlights of your wedding video. 

3. Have them join your first dance

One of the main highlights of a typical wedding reception is the couple’s first dance. With all eyes on you and your spouse, your first dance as a married couple can be the perfect time to highlight your fun family dynamics, as you let your kids join you on the dance floor. Whether you’re having a romantic slow dance and have your kids cut in or you’re popping and locking to hip-hop tracks, your first dance can be more memorable with your kids in it.

4. Have a second father-daughter dance

Another wedding reception highlight is the father-daughter dance when the bride and her father share a special moment on the ballroom floor. But if you have a daughter, you can arrange for a second father-daughter dance with her and your husband.

5. Let your kids perform at your wedding

Do your children have talents they’re willing to share? If so, have them perform at your wedding. Maybe you have a child who loves writing sweet poems. He or she can read or recite one during the toasts at the reception. Maybe you have a teen who can sing and play the guitar or piano. They might want to dedicate a performance for you or be the one to sing you and your spouse’s first dance song.

Whether you have little ones, grown-ups or a mix of both, including them in your wedding ceremony can make your big day even more special and memorable.

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