Winter is well and truly underway, and whilst we might be wishing away the months until the summer weather comes, it’s a far cry away. The weather is set to be cold for the next two months at least, before we finally start to have a little ray of warm sunshine. The recent festivities make us forget the troubles that this weather can cause. Whilst we might not have had a harsh winter compared to some of the winters that we’ve had, we’ve definitely had some weather that has rocked the boat a little bit. There have been floods worse than ever before, and it seems like we’re getting far worse at controlling the damage the weather does. Where our homes are concerned, we want to be doing everything that we can to make sure it functions properly. The minute something goes wrong in the home is the minute we begin to feel like the world around us is falling apart. So, we’re going to talk you through some of the winter worries you might not have thought about, and what you can do to prevent them, or deal with them if it happens!

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Drainage Problems

Drainage problems are probably the last thing that you’re going to be thinking about when worrying about your home. But at this time of year, depending on where you live, the problem has never been more prominent. Houses are being flooded with both toilet water that’s flowing out of toilets, as well as floods from the weather outside. Drainage can be managed so easily by bringing in a company to manage it for you. They’ll ensure water is kept away from the foundation of your home, while also checking for any repairs that need doing. The signs you’ll notice are wet walls and floors, and water actually leaking out from somewhere. This problem can happen at all times of the year, but more commonly happens during the winter time.

Roofing Nightmares

This problem definitely occurs more so in the winter than in the summer. If there are problems with your roof, they will come to light when the weather is cold and wet. The most common problem is cracks in the foundation of the roof that means either water will get in, or heat will get out. You’ll notice chills in certain areas of the top floor of your home, or you’ll notice wet patches in the loft or on the ceiling. Again, a simple call to a roofing company is all that’s needed to get rid of the problem.

Broken Heating
Broken heating is every homeowner’s worst fear at this time of year. But like all the other issues, it’s one of the most common to occur at this time of year. It usually happens due to the freezing cold weather outside, old boilers, or just bad luck. It can be so expensive to repair, but is essential with the cold nights and mornings that we have. One way to keep a boiler working fine is to keep it running at a low heat all of the time. Rather than it having to heat all the way up every single time it’s turned on, it’s constantly working at a slower rate.

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