Home is where you spend a lot of time and get back to daily after a long day at work. Maintaining a clean home is challenging, especially if you have kids, and sometimes it seems to take up all your free time. Although it may feel exhausting, your environment reflects your inner state. If you want to live a peaceful, healthy, meaningful, and calm life, the following are a few essential habits you can practice.

Make your bed every morning

When growing up, making the bed might have felt like a waste of valuable time. However, it helps to kick start your day by leaving your room tidy and can motivate you to carry out other tidying up activities around the home. In the evening, you’ll enjoy getting into a well-made and cozy bed. To make your work easy, use simple bedding such as fewer pillows, a washable cover, bed sheets, and a duvet.

Put everything in its place after use

It’s easy to clutter your home and create a mess if you always leave things scattered around after use. It not only makes your work difficult but also demotivates you to do the cleaning. Instead of waiting for items to pile up for you to conduct a deep cleaning session, put everything in its rightful place after use. These include makeup, toiletries, kitchen appliances, books, coats, and junk or tools.

Spend a few minutes tidying up before sleeping

If you have early mornings, there’s nothing worse than waking up to a messy house. You hardly have time to clean up, and dirt and clutter start to pile. If you have a regular sleeping schedule, set the alarm to ring a few minutes before bedtime for you to spot-mop dirty areas or spills and pick anything that’s left lying around. Clean dinner dishes and wipe surfaces such as dining tables, countertops, and bathroom sinks.

Plan a deep cleaning routine

A few spot checks and surface cleaning daily can’t compare to a deep clean. However, don’t use up all your weekend hours to clean the entire house and do laundry. Create a daily routine where you can cover one room at a time and do one batch of laundry. Every start of the week, plan a schedule for everyone and prioritize high traffic areas. Leave the weekend for complex tasks such as tidying up your exterior and sewer and drain cleaning.


Some things pile up no matter how much you try to put them in their place. It’s only natural that there’s a purchase of new items such as household supplies and basic requirements now and then. Once in a while, plan a day to remove clutter from your home to get rid of items you don’t need and create room for new things. You can donate these items, throw them away, or have them recycled.

Bottom line

Give your home a warm and cozy feel by maintaining cleanliness and tidiness. Embrace daily habits of cleaning up after yourself, putting everything in its place after use, and making your bed every morning. Every day, do a deep clean of high-priority areas to avoid piling up work for the weekend and declutter your home monthly.

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