A child’s brain is like a sponge; and children can absorb new concepts and learnings much quicker when younger. Also, there is also the element of natural curiosity, which makes a child eager to learn more and find out how things work.

This is also the age to enhance a child’s creativity. It’s good to give them different platforms and kinds of activities to explore and experiment with – who knows, they might just discover their life-calling and future career path! And even if they don’t, it would be a learning experience, a new life skill and something that would enhance their creative imagination. 

Here are some common activities you can engage your child in to enhance and cultivate their creativity: 

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  1. Art

Art can play a very significant role in developing a child’s creativity and imagination. Often, children prefer to express themselves through art – sometimes because they do not know the words or emotions to express their feelings in other ways and also because art is a medium that allows them so much freedom and expression. It’s also great for introverts to express themselves and show their true identity. Art can also be very therapeutic for anxious children.

Invest in some good art supplies such as from The Sydney Canvas Company and let your child develop their own artistic style. 

  1. Reading

Enough cannot be said about the importance of reading for young children. Books are a treasure trove of knowledge and information – for children and grown-ups alike – and can expand a child’s imagination vastly. Books have the power to transport a child to different worlds and imbibe the roles of different characters, and that greatly helps them develop their creative side.

Inculcate a love for reading and books of all genres in your child from a young age – and they will never be bored with a book in hand!

  1. Drama And Dance

Drama and dance are two other avenues that are great to enhance a child’s creativity. Like reading, drama helps a child travel to other worlds and take on the role of other make-believe characters, which helps them see things from a different point of view.

Both drama and dance are also great activities for introverted or shy children as it helps them lose their inhibitions and express themselves in different ways. 

  1. Being Out In Nature 

Learning does not need to be restricted to a classroom or a table and chair. So much learning can – and often is – done in the midst of Nature. The beauty of the outdoors is that it teaches us so many different things in so many different ways, helping a child learn about the world, get more creative and use their imagination in wondrous ways. 

Why not combine art with Nature and get even more creative? Try stone painting or leaf painting; or build a little house with branches, twigs, stones and leaves.

  1. Travel The World

Rather than spending money on toys and material things, spend it on experiences and exposing your child to various places and cultures of the world. These will spark their creativity and teach them life-lessons.

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