Have you ever been typing at your computer and noticed that your wrists are in pain? When you work in an office, you spend a lot of time in positions that cause strain on your wrists, but this isn’t the only place. Your grocery bags weighing down your wrists and hands, your swinging golf clubs? They cause some strain on your wrists, too. If you’re looking to get fit and workout, you need your wrists to be in the best possible condition and you can remain stronger when you use weights, too. The problem is that with prolonged stress on the bones in the wrists, you’ll be more vulnerable to issues occurring over time. Things like repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel and tendonitis are all uncomfortable conditions that affect the wrists, and you need to have flexibility and stability to ensure that you prevent injury.

If you’re a fan of exercising, playing golf or even just carrying suitcases and groceries, you should be looking at all that you can to make sure that your wrists are strong and working well for you. The right exercises and stretches can help you to avoid injury. Wrists that are strong and have the right level of flex aren’t going to suffer when you pick up heavy things or you do exercise. No one wants to have stressed out wrists that give out under any amount of pressure. It’s actually one of the worst things that can happen because you could potentially be out of action for weeks if that happens while you recover. The bones in the wrists are fragile, and you have to treat them as such. You want your wrists to be pain free, and while you might be able to use thumb tape techniques to give some stability up to your thumb, you need to know exactly how you can move your wrists to strengthen them and prevent injuries to the wrists. With this in mind, we’ve got a range of suggestions that can help you to move your wrists better and gain some comfort. 

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  • Stretching. As part of looking after your wrists, you should always wake up and go to bed after you stretch your wrists in a flex. To do it, it’s easy. Raise your arms in front of you and keep your elbows straight. You can pull the wrist back with your other hand and that will give you a mild to moderate stretch. Keep holding it for up to 20 seconds and relax. You should repeat this three times on each wrist to ensure that you get the maximum stretch. Once you’ve flexed your wrists, you can then try the wrist extension. This involves raising your arm with your palm facing up and your elbows straight. You can then pull your hand down with your other hand and this should feel moderate and it should – in theory – feel good. Again, you want to do three sets on each wrist to keep them as strong as possible. 
  • Grab some resistance bands. Resistance bands can be very handy to have if you’re looking to strengthen your wrists. You can wrap one around your hand with the palm facing up and your elbow by your side. This is like curling a dumbbell up and down, and it’s a super easy way to help your wrists to strengthen up. If you keep your elbow bent to a 90 degree angle, you can then slowly curl the wrist up and squeeze your forearm muscles as you go. This will give you some support and if you repeat it three times on each wrist, it’s going to help it feel good. As with the first exercise, you want to do the extension, too. Keep the elbow down by your side and make sure your palm is facing down. Then you want to curl the wrist up and use the band to strengthen the muscles. Again, three times each side, morning and night. 
  • The squeeze! If you want to try another wrist strengthening measure, you could try the squeeze. You need a tennis ball or a stress ball, and you want to squeeze as hard as you can without causing yourself any pain. You can hold each squeeze for ten seconds for each wrist and repeat it ten times on each side. You shouldn’t have any pain in your wrists during these exercises, and if you are experiencing any kind of pain, make sure that you speak to a physiotherapist who can help you out!

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