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If you struggle to keep your family healthy because you are always so busy, you are not alone. Being a working parent means you are already doing what feels like six different jobs! It’s not just the job, but it’s being the designated driver, personal chef, and counselor, all-in-one! If you are struggling to keep your family healthy when you are so busy, here are a few key practices to ensure that everybody is keeping healthy. 

Create Meals With Three Ingredients

You might think that this is too limiting, but you can streamline your menu by focusing on three key ingredients. Take a look at these baked potatoes from The Magical Slow Cooker and you can see that a delicious meal is easily achievable. Three ingredients don’t mean peanut butter, jelly, and bread! If you feel limited by the number of ingredients, even upgrading your dishes to four ingredients won’t feel like you are adding on extra time to your day. Additionally, focusing on three-ingredient meals can keep your shopping list down to the bare minimum. 

Using the Microwave and Crockpot

These two appliances need to have pride of place in our kitchen. Microwave food has a very bad reputation, but microwaves can do more than just heating up food. You can make a number of healthy meals using a microwave. You can make eggs, oatmeal, and you can even cook fish! And a crockpot can be the biggest lifesaver when you are out all day. If you are looking to make a healthy meal, put all your ingredients in the crockpot, and leave it to do its thing. You will return home, and not only will the kitchen smell wonderful, but you will also have an amazing meal at the end of it! 

Batch Cooking and Weekend Preparation

You might not want to spend your entire weekend preparing your meals, but there’s a lot to be said for chopping up your vegetables, putting them in a ziplock bag, and storing them in the freezer. It’s important to get into the preparation mindset because this will make a big difference to your quality time with the family during the week. Batch cooking is another thing that will make a big difference. Making double portions and freezing any leftovers means you’ve got an instant meal, and for those working at home, you’ve got lunch for the next day! 

Make Stews and Soups

These are a great way to stock up on a lot of vegetables, but you can also make it in large batches that you can freeze. It’s also amazing comfort food in these winter months. But if you find yourself getting fed up with soups and stews, don’t be afraid to shake up the menu. Add spices for Moroccan dishes, and experiment with the blender! 

It is not easy to be healthy when we are also busy, but hopefully, some of these ideas will give you some inspiration and will keep you and the family energized during your busy lives.

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