Houses are packed full of smells. When you were growing up as a child, you smelled things regularly in your home to the point that when you smell them as an adult, you are triggered by the scent and are brought right back to a specific memory. So, you could smell freshly baked pastries and remember what Sunday morning was like for you growing up. Every single house has a signature smell, whether it’s the spices in the cupboard or the detergent that you use when you are washing clothes. 

The thing is, sometimes, those smells are not good ones! We’re bound to notice when something smells out of place or off. So, if you came home from work and you could smell cookies, you’d take notice just as much as if you smelled a blocked drain. The difference is that once you know the smells that are coming from your house, you can learn whether you need to fix them. Below, we’ve put together some smells that you need to be on the lookout for – so that you can ensure that your home is clean and smells great. 

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  1. A musty smell. Mothballs, right? Nope, not always! If you have a musty smell coming from the kitchen, basement or any of the bathrooms, you have a problem on your hands. Often, musty smells come from mold and you should check that you don’t have a plumbing leak if you notice one in your home. You should turn off the water supply while you take care of the problem and ensure that the storage under the sink dries out, too.
  2. Something burning! You’re sure to notice if there’s a burning smell in the house and if you don’t have a fireplace, you need to figure out where it’s coming from. Even a fire that isn’t obvious could be in the walls of the house, and you should ensure that you call the fire brigade to come out and check!
  3. Sewage. A blocked drain can cause a smell like sewage as the pipes in the home backup and overspill. Your bathroom shouldn’t be too pungent but if it is, you should call the plumber straight away!
  4. The dog. Do you really want to walk into the house and smell your dog? Nope – because that means that all your guests can smell him, too! You need to make sure that your dog is well bathed, and if he already is, you may find that it’s not the dog that stinks – but the carcass of rats in the walls. Call in the pest controller to give you a hand to find the stench.
  5. Paint. You’re going to find that paint can have a really pleasant smell, but if you can smell fresh paint, it means that it’s not dry yet! Make sure that any fresh paint work in the house is completely dry before you’re in there and smelling it all!

These smells need your attention, so lift your nose and sniff!

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