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Imagine if a doctor came along and told you that they had a pill that would cure heart disease. No more arterial plaques. No more angina. Just a healthy heart muscle and circulatory system.

You’d probably tell them to scarper.

But that’s the reality of natural medicine. And it’s something that doctors have known about for at least thirty years, if not longer. 

Here’s how it works. You put someone on a regimen of whole plant foods, such as greens and beans, meditation and exercise and then get them to follow it for six months. At the end of the period, the transformation in their body is complete. And, for practically all patients who try it, their heart disease is gone. 

But it’s not just heart disease where natural medicine can help. It’s also great for preventing strokes, dealing with diabetes and even helping people get through cancer.

So why haven’t we heard about it? Well, put simply, there’s not a lot of money in natural medicine. Nobody takes home a paycheck for telling kids to eat more broccoli. It’s just not how the economy is structured. 

Natural Medicine Is Nothing New

Natural medicine is nothing new, though. Practically all cultures have relied on it throughout their history. In India, for instance, there is a rich heritage of Ayurveda treatments. In China, there is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). And in shamanistic cultures in Australia and Africa, there are similar practices. 

What’s fascinating about these methods is that people developed them at a time before science. Instead of conducting experiments and seeing what happened, people developed medicines and concoctions based on experience. They saw what worked and then ran with it over many generations. The result was a continuous refinement of approaches that served ancient populations well. Drugs weren’t as powerful as modern equivalents, but they didn’t necessarily have to be. Instead, they worked with the body over several weeks or months to correct any issues. 

Why Natural Medicine Is Making A Return

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Natural medicine, though, isn’t consigned to the history books. In fact, despite all our modern technology, it’s making a comeback in the 21st century. It turns out that there is no substitute for good old-fashioned nature. 

But why is this happening? 

It all comes down to the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine in addressing the problems we face today. Medicine is fantastic for getting rid of infections and repairing broken bones, but it is limited in its capacity for dealing with the types of diseases of modern society. We tend to get sick in ways that medicine can’t do much about. 

Natural approaches, however, can redress this imbalance. Even simple lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet, can prevent someone from developing chronic disease, and even treat them if they are active. 

What this means for the future is interesting. Conventional medicine is going to have to fall back on natural approaches, or at least leverage them, if it is to solve current problems. Expect to see alternatives explode in popularity.

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