If you are trying to get into shape, which is something that many of us are desperately trying to accomplish at this time of year, then you probably already know what you should be doing: eating fewer calories and exercising more. But are you aware of the things that you should not do? There are certain things that we do that we assume may be helping us, but they are putting our attempts to lose weight and get in shape in jeopardy.


Doing too much cardio

It is a common misconception that to reduce excess body fat and improve physical fitness, one must perform as much cardio-based exercise as humanly feasible; however, this is not the case. People who spend hours at the gym performing cardio with the sole intention of becoming in shape are actually doing themselves no favours at all since they are not achieving their desired results. A lack of muscle tone can be caused by doing too much cardio, which can also contribute to the loss of muscle tone. HIIT is the most effective kind of exercise for speeding up the fat-burning process. Do not misunderstand us; steady-state cardio is beneficial for both the heart and overall fitness; nevertheless, if you are trying to lose weight, it is not the most effective method. If you undertake a lot of cardiovascular exercise, you should attempt to counterbalance it with some strength training so that you may keep and even improve your muscle tone.

Starving yourself

If you believe starving yourself is the quickest way to lose weight and get in shape, you should reconsider that belief. Because of the disruption that this action will cause to your metabolism, you should expect that it will eventually cause your body to put on additional weight. You should constantly strive to consume a sufficient amount of food that is also nutritious, but you should also avoid overeating. Using a calorie counter such as My Fitness Pal may assist you in determining the optimal number of calories for your body each day, taking into account your current level of physical activity and activity level, as well as your height and weight.

Choosing low fat or diet foods

Although their names might lead us to believe that they will assist us in trimming down our waistlines, the truth is that they might have the opposite impact. Compared to their higher fat counterparts, low-fat and diet alternatives typically contain a greater amount of sugar or sweeteners, leaving you hungrier than their regular equivalents. Instead, choose meals that are fresh and unprocessed.

Don’t rush the process

Remember that getting rid of excess weight is a process, not a competition. You should anticipate that it will take some time before you reach the position where you want to be. Have fun with it and give yourself some new tasks and ambitions. Your frame of mind and attitude toward exercise and diet will shift once you commit to making it a lifestyle choice, and this will assist you in making the healthiest decisions possible in the years to come.

Throwing in the towel when the going gets tough
The two most critical factors in successful weight loss are maintaining a steady effort and refusing to give up. You may likely make a mistake now and again, but you should make an effort not to allow those mistakes to get you down and prevent you from moving forward. If you are really finding it tricky, investigate professional weight loss help. Think of it as nothing more than a speed bump on the path to a healthy lifestyle, and know that after you have navigated around it, you can go back on track and keep going.

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