As parents we all dream of being on top of our finances. But how often do we really have the time to review how much we spend? In fact, a 2020 study revealed that less than half of Americans have put money aside for their kids. This article is going to look at five quick and easy ways to save money as a busy parent.

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Use Rechargeable Items

As busy parents, plastic is an ever-present material in your home. It’s used for everything from your kid’s toys to their food bowls. But disposable and easily breakable items ultimately cost you more money. Using items like rechargeable batteries may initially have a higher cost but ultimately save you more time in the long run. You can use rechargeable items for many different functions, including vaping. Bloom farms battery kits are rechargeable and can save you money spent on disposable vapes and batteries.

Look For Discount Codes

Discount codes are easy to find online, and can save you large amounts of money when used to buy your online weekly shopping or kid’s toys at Christmas. If you keep an eye out at your local stores, discounts may also be issued by participating retailers. It takes two minutes to look for discounts online, or at the store, and the result can be positive savings that you can then put aside for your family.

Upload Your Receipts For Money

Another quick way to make money is to upload your receipts onto a site like Swagbucks. Everytime you get a receipt from your local drug store, home improvement location, or your weekly food shop, you can make money by uploading them online. Over time, the points you build up can be exchanged for vouchers or money.

Take Five Minutes To Practice Gratitude

If you’re not happy with what you have in life, you’re more likely to want to spend more. But taking five minutes each day to practice gratitude can transform your attitude to spending. Take the time to be thankful for good news, family time and anything that makes you happy each day. You could even take one photo a day of the things that you’re grateful for in life as a reminder. 

Do Not Buy Brand New

Switch up your trip to the local store to buy new clothes with a visit to an online second hand retailer. Buying second hand is now common practice when purchasing kids clothes. You can save lots of money when buying second hand. There are even some second hand retailers that specialize in designer clothes at affordable prices if you want to treat your kids.

Another option you can consider is making your own clothes. It may seem old-fashioned, but saving money is an effective way. Additionally, you can make clothes that better express your personality and style and that of your family. You also get to choose from various materials, textures, and patterns. This allows you to rock unique styles, such as a beautiful Blue Agate patterned dress, for half the cost!

Final Thoughts

Using recyclable items and buying second hand saves you money, with the added benefit of being good for the environment, too. You can also save money quickly by browsing for discount codes and uploading your receipts online to make money. Finally, practicing gratitude for what you have can transform your attitude to spending, and help you on the path to saving more money.

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