Juggling work and family responsibilities can be intense, especially for single parents. Stress has become a norm in modern society, and something always requires your attention. But trying to catch your breath for a second is healthy. Staying calm under pressure is a valuable skill to have. It is one way to sharpen your focus and keep you more productive, even in unpredictable circumstances. Consider the following coping mechanisms for staying calm when triggered. 

  1. Take a deep breath 

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Taking slow, deep breaths can stop your body from releasing stress hormones and keep you calmer. Focusing on your breath can distract your mind from what is bothering you. This way, you can be more present, so keep this in mind. Take a deep breath into your belly and not only your chest. Hold a second and slowly breathe out through your mouth. Practice this for a few minutes, and you’ll begin to feel calmer. 

  1. Get plenty of sleep

Ever woke from a poor night’s sleep and nothing seemed to work for you the entire day? You are not alone. Stress and anxiety usually cause insomnia, and the cycle can be vicious. Insufficient sleep can make you feel worse and more prone to stress symptoms. Therefore, prioritize sleep if your work involves a lot of pressure or perhaps you have a lot to deal with at home. Take an early nap and avoid using electronic devices in the bedroom. Natural products like lavender essential oil and Delta 8 Gummies can promote a calm feeling and enable you to sleep well at night. 

  1. Learn to say NO 

Establish some boundaries if you are already reeling under pressure. And learn to say no to new tasks when you are busy. You might enjoy being supportive and helping others with work and home chores. But learn to say no when you already have a lot on your hands. You will likely experience a better mental state when you complete the tasks on your current to-do list before taking up any new jobs. 

  1. Be present

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Just as you cannot take up new jobs while your current schedule is packed, avoid going back and forth between tasks. Limit your focus to just a single task at a time. Many people attempt to multitask to get more done in a short time. Unfortunately, they usually put more pressure on themselves, which could lower the quality and quantity of their output. If you want to get more done in a shorter time without feeling too overwhelmed, try to be present and focus on one thing at a time. 

Life can be surprising, and you may not know or control what it throws at you next. However, retraining your mind can help you cope with high-pressure situations and manage stress healthily. The tips above are a few ways to get started. You will be surprised how calmly you can manage any situation. You also consult an expert, like a psychologist, if you struggle with pressure.

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